Mudras: Naga Mudra

Naga is a snake goddess and has big implications in hindu mythology; It symbolizes the supernatural strength, wisdom, insight and power. Naga Mudra is also known as "the mudra of the deepest vision".

Naga Mudra

Cross hands to chest, thumbs also crossed one over another.

This gesture means at the same time «mudra for deep understanding». Even if we go on a spiritual path, we are continuously faced with mundane challenges and only overcoming them we can go ahead; In addition, only so the goal of this life is fulfilled. For this reason, to solve everyday problems successfully, used the Naga Mudra. Also to get answers to questions about decisions to be taken, on the meaning of events, on the future and on the spiritual path. When we know something, we see at the right time. But we must ask and listen.

The embers of a fire are full of strength. Heated, incite, and activate. Why the fire displays always put something up, regenerate the forces and eliminate stress leaving a welfare state. When mentally strengthened the fire in the pelvis, This action not only provides us with strength but also light, a light that we carry with us like a torch that shows us the way.

With imagination, rekindles the fire of the pelvis. During inspiration leave the flames to grow upward so you you face the world with a burning heart; Let the flames to continue rising to get clarification and clear your head. At the beginning, your breath will be profound and intense and over time will become more slow, soft and smooth. Each breath will make you straighten you, inside and out, as if they pulled it up. To breathe to keep you in your new height, but abandons any internal tension. Stay a while in silence. First consider your questions and then listen to your interior.

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By • 5 mar, 2014 • section: Practice