Mudras: Bhumisparsha Mudra

Bhumisparsha Mudra helps to calm the mind, and if practiced way regulate the heart and the strength, can help give heavenly power in the soul.


The left hand points downward, toward the Earth, and the fingers they rozan soil.

Right hand points up toward heaven, like a flower open.

Buddha, as in the Jesus, He was tempted by evil before starting his preaching, a test that both overcame with success. Mara, the God of the desire of the senses, tried to convince Buddha that even had the right to the small area of land on which it sat to meditate. Then Buddha touched the floor with the fingers of the right hand and conjured the divinity of the Earth to prove that he, due to his many good works, had perfect right to remain in the land. This legend shows how it is important that the human being primarily meets their earthly obligations if you want to achieve enlightenment.

When we are aware that our around manifests in everything and in all the cosmic consciousness, that we, with our individual consciousness are attached to everything, then we will have clear the first commandment of the great religions: love yourself and love everything around you, you and the environment are one, we are all part of one great, what is inside, on the outside, the whole is the sum of the parts live as the largest to the smallest. Not we reach the full measure of this force never know, and it's good to be so.

We focus our attention on a single object (a stone, a plant, an animal, etc.): to breathe thank ours and the inspiration we absorb their energy. Each respiratory movement is as a link, and the union is becoming more dense, until we merge us one into the other. So we can unite us to cosmic consciousness; She shows us the way to eternal unity.

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By • 12 Feb, 2014 • section: Practice