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Danilo Hernandez (Swami Digambarananda) us explains in this article why our stability mental tends to be interminente and surface, and how achieve that the balance is convert in our nature usual thanks to the live aware of every moment of it existence.

Looking at horizon

It is possible while posting this reading you are comfortably seated enjoying a feel-good state. But perhaps it is a very fragile tranquility... Imagine that right now you comment on a bad news or an event violent and unpleasant. In such case is probably that your peace of mind is dished immediately and let's we begin to feel you uncomfortable and tense. This would indicate that your stability mental is rather superficial and that is to worship of any event that is present. Why does this happens?

Happens because not there is a State enough of alert and the mind is identified with the event, causing a response emotional of discomfort and tension. And this tends to happen very often, irrespective of who practice Hatha Yoga, meditation, or any other technique.

All the practices that we usually perform are very beneficial and help us to manage our life in a harmonious and positive way. The positions of yoga, the pranayama, the relaxation, the meditation, the kirtan, the Karma Yoga, etc., we provide health and balance. But this balance often has a short duration and can be altered at the first opportunity. Balance become our common nature and ceases to be an intermittent state that depends on the events, it is necessary that our practice ceases to be a simple practice and becomes a way of life. This entails a deep development of the care in every moment of our existence. A live consciously instant in instant.

The human being is asleep

The schools of the self-knowledge and of the development of the potential human considered that the male common and current is asleep. Suffers from an activity mental chaotic and without direction. It is usually lost in long rambling, consumed by an internal dialogue that often is obsessive and makes no sense. Live immersed in stories of thoughts mechanical, in a State of distraction almost continuous that also tends to be the first cause of all type of accidents. In fact, takes consciousness of it distracted that lives only when this punto de suffer an accident that you can cost very expensive.

This state of absence of attention, in which prevails the inertia of those thoughts involuntary and not directed, has enormous and devastating consequences. On the one hand it is the forgotten of yes same. The individual does not notice him there while he lives, thinks and acts. It has lost the connection with its Center, with its essence, with his being. On the other hand, the impact of negative thoughts pass a big Bill to their physical and mental health.

The root of the "disease" is in the mind

Buddha and Patanjali coincide in the diagnosis on the "disease" of the human being. The problem lies not in the body, although this is the container where usually illnesses and their symptoms; manifested the root of the problem is in the mind. In particular, in them patterns mentally reagents of "apego-aversion" (raga-dwesha) and in the uncontrolled fluctuations of thoughts that you generate a tremendous mental chaos.

Medical and scientific research have verified that in the science of Yoga is known for millennia. He enemy more fearsome to the body not are them microbes, or them bacteria, or the virus, but them patterns of reaction mental and them thoughts negative.

The thinking is natural and essential in the life of the human being. The capacity of thinking is a well invaluable that us difference of other species and us has allowed evolve and transform the world. Is obvious that need to think, especially when this us serves to interact in the life, relate us with the present or make forecasts of future. There are many occasions in which thought becomes a turbulent and mechanical inertia that we disconnect from reality and predisposes us to States of anxiety, worry, fear and all kinds of negative emotions. As a result us unbalanced and us precipitates towards the suffering.

The brain is the computer that directs to the joint of the body. Works without cesar during all our life by regulating each an of the functions of the metabolism and its balance chemical. The science has discovered that whenever have a thought the brain produces some substances called neuropeptides and what feel and experience is the production and assimilation of such substances.

The cells of the system immune that is responsible of defend to the body of them bacteria, viruses, germs and in final of all disease, have a point concrete of load that receives to them neuropeptides. In this mode the system immune perceives our thoughts and reacts to our dialogue internal.

The response of the immune system to the pathogenic elements can weaken or even stop working because of such substances. It is evident that what we think has consequences and that the immune system response is conditioned by the thoughts. He thought positive power the operation of the system immune and the thinking negative it weakens. We now understand that the root of many ailments, imbalances and diseases is a way of thinking that it alters and hinders the work of the immune system.

From this perspective, it could give the impression that thinking is the "bad guy". In absolute. Actually, the problem in itself not are those thoughts but the relationship that establish with them, the identification and subsequent reaction. A neurotic relationship in which the thinker is hunted by the thought, is identified with him and is dragged, forgetting that his true identity is independent and different from the ephemeral flow of such thoughts.

Consciousness witness, meditation and transformation hub

The best way to get rid of the negative effect that have, in our physical and mental health, involuntary or spontaneous thoughts and dialogue is what Yoga is defined as the development of the "witness consciousness". A attitude of acceptance and impartial observation to our emotions, thoughts and feelings. Such attitude us allows you to be aware of that not are those events passengers and of the independence that exists between our be or I deep and what happens in our periphery. In this mode no us affect or pollute them events internal or external. We retain the freedom and spontaneity. Leave of react mechanically and our response to all the situations of it life is converted in full action aware.

Between all the resources that have to enhance and update the consciousness witness, highlights the method of meditation of the "Inner silence" (Antar Mouna) that has left us our master Swami Satyananda. With your help we can train the attention and remain as a witness - not involved - from the spontaneous activity of our mind. When we sat to meditate are in a situation privileged for develop the consciousness witness and disable them conditioning of the mind. However, it should not be forgotten that When finished it sitting, her attitude meditative must continue. We must follow established in the Consciecia witness in the midst of everyday living situations. It is like the meditation practice is no longer a simple practice and becomes a way of life. It is as well as meditation is expressed in action and bears fruit the sadhana (personal practice).

Are very well all the practices that perform, them therapies that we apply, them seminars in that participated, them texts that studied, them teachers that attend. All of this is very helpful and provides health, balance, growth and awakening to the profound dimension of existence. But in many cases it is only on flashes of awakening. As soon as low it alert and this is an old habit very rooted, return it mechanicity, them patterns of behavior conditioned and the avalanche of thoughts with which we identified and to which react unconsciously.

In a sense, gives the same where they live, gives the same we do, therapies that we carry out, the techniques that we practice. All this is very well, but While we do not have the determined to be aware at all times of our inner dialogue, our involuntary thought, will continue in the dream. The self-talk usually us accompany throughout the day and is more constant in our lives than any attitude, practice or method that we carry out.

The awakening and the transformation deep only happen when update the consciousness witness and us desidentificamos and deshinotizamos of the mechanical dialogue internal. Carry to out this awakening not is only question of practice technical but of cultivate an attitude of alert that permeate all our life. Techniques will help us a lot, will help us to go slowly, to finally settle on the attitude to be aware at all times.

The meditation on her life everyday

But while day to day we are not aware of the internal dialogue, mental ocean waves will continue giving us romps, dragging us and creating poisons that poisoned the whole of our body-mind. SOLO taking awareness of internal dialogue we can free ourselves from it. Then let of be stick by its waves and can navigate in the address proper. This is a process that begins with the attention or self-observation, ripe with the meditation and us leads to the self-realization.

The consciousness witness is a process of "glove white". It does not require Act or is a job. Not there is that suppress or feed anything. Is a not-doing, not intervene, not involved is. A pure is from the acceptance that frees us from the mental conditioning and allows us to see things just as they are to observe and understand the nature deep all phenomenon. The consciousness witness synthesizes the factors essential that characterize the sadhana of the Yoga classic or Yoga of Patanjali: "practice constant" (Abhyasa) and "non-attachment, disidentification" (Vairagya).

Each moment and situation of the life daily is an invitation to live consciously, to develop the consciousness witness. We can see the body as we walked, we can observe our breath while we're on the bus, we can be aware of our thoughts as we speak, we are working, at all times... what hope?... It is a matter of definition, let us remember and persevere...

Go ahead!

Swami Digambarananda (Danilo Hernandez). Recognized as a master of Yoga (Yogacharya) in 1993 by the International Yoga Fellowship Movement and the Bihar School of Yoga of Munger, India. Founder of "Bindu" School of Yoga of Chamartín in Madrid, 2002. Author of the book Key of the Yoga. Theory and practice, publishing the March Hare, where are synthesized and ordered the teachings of Yoga with a clear and narrative style. It regularly runs yoga courses in other Spanish cities and in South America.

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