Dynamic mudra

As its name suggests, this mudra the fingers are not quiet, but in motion.

Mudra Beach

With both hands, during each exhalation the tip of a finger is attached to the tip of the thumb, and they extend all fingers during inspiration. While this mudra is practiced pronounce a syllable mantra.

«Saaa», press the thumb with the index.

'HAART', press the thumb with the middle finger.

«Naaa», press the thumb ring.

'Maaa', press the thumb with the little finger.

In the second round, the no pressure with the tip of the thumb, but with a.

In the third round press is with the thumb around the finger. The tip of the finger presses on the Palm of the hand.

This mudra can be practiced daily from 5 to 30 minutes.

Small we already practiced finger-plays that each finger, following a ditty, is pressed, bent or stretched.

Today, therapists educators use these hands exercises to correct speech or learning problems. It's a wonderful mudra for brain activity and also for the relaxation of nerves.

Also it stimulates concentration and creates inner peace. Care must be taken to keep breathing slow, smooth, regular and soft.

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