props Yoga, to stimulate the intelligence of the body

Do you think that using brackets you dull and makes your body work less? On the contrary! In this Props Yoga or Yoga Workshop with stands you will learn to improve and enhance your yoga practice deepening on the postural alignment through the use of props. In Madrid, International School of Yoga.

Yoga props

Insert brackets and braces in the practice of yoga is a clever idea for several reasons.

  • The first and foremost is that it allows individualize and adapt practice all persons regardless of age, physical condition and level of practice.

This means that brackets may allow...

  • That a person with physical limitations (chronic, convalescent pains of an operation, elderly, disabled people) fully benefits from the practice of yoga.
  • But also, and this is less known, supports make it possible that advanced and media practitioners continue to improve, to the awakening the innate intelligence of the body in areas formerly blind or dormant. Thus, the light of consciousness that provides yoga - through the development of the intelligence body - find new ways to continue to expand.
  • In the same way, brackets teach beginners, before and more precisely, fundamental knowledge about alignment in the asanas.
  • And they also help the media practitioners to establish and understand knowledge, that sometimes teachers transmit precariously.

"Each support should leave an imprint on the body - the Iyengar teacher wrote in his book Light on Yoga-, so that intelligence can be grown. "It makes no sense using a support if we do not learn something from it".

Therefore, we loose all the prejudices and resistances of the ego and take all the devices that lack.

Workshop: Hatha Yoga with brackets

Thanks to the use of brackets, the possibilities of adaptation to the student are endless since it identifies the practice. Different brackets to be used for this practice will be blocks, belts, blankets, chairs, cushions, chairs, wall, etc. Brackets also make students take advantage of every minute of practice and miss out the limitations of their physical condition can generate.

Where: International School of Yoga. C / Fuencarral 134 Madrid - area Bilbao Tel. 91 416 68 81-91 309 36 07

It teaches: Paquita Villalba. Professor Iyengar and Hatha Yoga of the international school of Yoga. His training in Iyengar made their classes are filled with accuracy and understanding the postures as well as various proposals.

When: 1 and 2 of February 2014

Schedules: Saturday 10:00-14:00 and 16:00 to 20:00 Sunday 10:00-14:00

To whom it is addressed: All those yoga practitioners who are interested in perfecting your practice. Highly recommended to all students of the training of teachers of Yoga in the school international Yoga.

Price: €150

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