The dark passenger

Freud made a major discovery for the Western white man: hidden in the closet, next to the bodies, is a recording in which we have registered our life and patterns which, through the experiences, have been keeping. We are inhabited by clichés that we repeat, some are apparently beneficial and others clearly macabre. Isabel Solana writes.

Dark passenger

These clichés are generated both the sociabilizantes thoughts and revenge, it is planned that reassures the community as well as the hidden crimes. The programming is top secret and not remind ourselves it... The instinct of keep hiding our own narration comes us from afar, from there the original sin. The dark passenger, as called it Dexter, we possess. Its existence can be seen by the turbidity of our life. Drains out in dreams and failed acts. If we are not free, if we suffer, if we are annoying to those around us and ourselves it is because the ego taints our history. We do not want to recognize the dark macabre that is in us and which seems to love, is nothing more than a strategy of this programme. We already knew all this, but it is worth a review fast given the importance of its consequences.

The divan of the psychoanalyst gives the opportunity to bring to consciousness the unconscious cliches. You talk about someone who, silent and behind you, listens and feels beyond words. You don't reach it to see, also the penumbra and meditation take you into alpha state. In this semivigilia ego low guard and shown little by little. Attentive professional can see what your blind snake. With sensitivity, respect and technical resources non-invasive, will escort you to see, it will help you discover the keys to your ego, if it is that you have not seen them yourself in the session.

Freud, Jung and company have done you much good to this part of the world. They have given us a more human vision, and to some endearing extent, of the devil.

Reflection leads me to Yoga. In yoga, we charge the unconscious with new and healthy material, in their own language. What are mudras, prostrations, the bows, the asanas, the pranayama? Don't you think that they act beneficently because they send nonverbal messages of peace, harmony and health to the unconscious? In Yoga, we get into a sort of Psychoanalysis of 5,000 years old. Is not on the mat or singing mantras as we distracted the ego that you show us? Not are the teachers who look at us from the altar of the class, tenderness and empathy necessary to observe deep in the caverns of the psychological hell? What are ghosts, resistances, and crisis that appear when you start the path of Yoga? What do you think that it happens when you sit to meditate? What do you think that the observer notes?

Let us safeguard of naivety to believe that the spiritual path we will release our shade no more. Sometimes we put perfume on dirt, makeup over the wound, pink pastel on rot. It is a natural and human cowardice with which we try to postpone the inevitable, as the children ask for moratorium to the bathtub. We left a calm and happy Yoga class, but we know that shadows we wait around the corner. She is the long to see if becomes a miracle and we fight to the dark labyrinth. We remain on the periphery of the forms, swim and keep the clothes... Maybe it's that we intuitively expect now that we know how, in that we feel confident... The tic tac has started up, you are practicing Yoga... But you fear... fear not, terror. Watch me with moist eyes when you say you're innocent. I do not know if I understand in reality; you make mistakes, bushes and lie, vigilant against harmony and peace, but still and so you are innocent. You just want to hear that you are innocent; I understand, the blame is a deadly poison.

Process of rebirth

Honey, you can trust. And lose yourself in the process already has begun, which will put you, if you persevere, before the secret fortress, for your happiness and liberation. In the path of Yoga and any path with heart, everything is beautiful and harmonious. For a Yogi meditation experience takes you to the vision of its primordial innocencewhich is the Vaseline to face the mistakes. And see these errors is the way to become a wise and compassionate being. Recognize the secret chambers is a tremendous break because it puts an end to the great effort required to conceal them. See the human is what, paradoxically, allows us to discover that another shining on love and is presented clearly as our true nature. There is no fear, nor why delay when you open light on the forgotten stay. If this process of revival brings us suffering, it would be for letting us fool once more by the Deceiver, which brings in a tray of guilt. The ego will attempt to deceive us with that old ruse. But we have learned that the blame is not to heal but to worsen the picture. Do not forget us. It is vital to remember us. In any line of the Yoga Sutras Patanjali, nor in the Bhagavat Gita, or in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, no lecture by Yogi Bhajan, in any book of the Yogis teachers there are in a single recommendation to the suffering and the guilt.

Repeat it again, to make sure that we have got it, by how terrible do not well understand initiation keys of this process toward the Dharma. Yoga is a path of heroes, of Arjunas which will free the being of being clumsy and in transition, but only with the strength and strategy of love. A death that will give way to a life. All-in Yoga leads to reveal to our trapped passenger, It thrives on vicious circles. Reveal it is an existential drama, an inescapable initiation rite. To get to the light "Ru" must pass through the dark "Gu". There we come to the Guru. It is a threatening passage because in the door are the gatekeepers, bloody monsters of sharp fangs and demonic face. Teachers, those who went before, we soothed, that is its function. Tell us, do not be afraid, that they are nothing more than false perceptions, that enter, do as they have done already, that we will witness aware of life itself, that we face to mind, karma, that there is nothing to fear, that there is no guilt that pay, I repeat, there is no blame pay but wisdom by metabolizing. And above all there is no other way to do it. Knowing your shadow light up it, to hide it increase it. To see your terrified passenger before your spiritual eyes, descend the innocence and peace to you from heaven. Opening your secret chambers you will penetrate the air and light. The unconscious becomes conscious. The ego will give way to be (the Self Jung). And that will take us to improve us, enrich us, heal us, free us, enlighten us.

The psychoanalyst and the psicoanalizado are seated and embraced on the meditation cushion. The observer and the observed light up together, never separated.

Isabel Solana

Isabel SolanaSpiritual name: Hari Dev Kaur. He was born in 1957, has two children. He founded and co-directs HappyYoga in Barcelona) Teaches every day Kundalini Yoga and meditation, personal growth and kinesiology courses. It is a Kundalini Yoga teacher years ago. Before - and for a long time - he was Creative Director of an advertising agency, and won national and international awards. He is a student of A course in miracles.

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