Mudras: Mahasirs Mudra

Mahasirs mudra is indicated against headaches, because it eliminates stress favoring the circulation of the blood by it.

maharsis mudra

With both hands, unites the thumb, index and middle finger, placed the ring in the crease of the thumb and keep the little finger extended.

Practice as you need it or 3 times a day for 6 minutes.

Headaches can have different causes and it is difficult to get that they disappear immediately and to always with a single mudra. Often time changes either strains originate them in the eyes, neck, back or pelvis; also problems with sinus or digestion. All this can lead to an excess of energy spent in the area of the head and produce strains that cause headaches. To relax tensions in the head, the important thing is to not think of them at all and direct the consciousness to another part of the body (abdomen, feet, or hands). The Mahasirs Mudra balances the energy, acts relaxing tensions and eliminating mucus from the frontal sinus.

If you have a little time to throw yourself, also try the additional headache remedies: immersed a towel in water with vinegar and wrap yourself with her feet, so that the soles of the feet, the back and fingers are well covered. Now first massages the neck top down by pressing firmly on the Center with the index and middle finger, then two temples, and finally to have fingers in the Mahasirs Mudra posture.


  • It is very useful for migraine.
  • Relieves eye strain. It reduces mucous congestion.
  • Relieves back pain.
  • It balances the energy.
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