Mudras: Matangi Mudra

Matangi Mudra basically serves as an effective practice to digestion, as well as help heal other traumatic illnesses.

Cross hands to the solar plexus (stomach area), raised both middle fingers and support them one on the other. It directs attention to breathing in the solar plexus or stomach area.

Practice as you need it, or three times per day for four minutes.

This mudra strengthens the respiratory drive in the solar plexus and balances energies in this area. Stimulates the element wood, which is attributed to a new beginning, and the element Earth, which gives depth to the life. The Matangi Mudra benefit the heart, stomach, liver, duodenum, gallbladder, spleen, pancreas and kidneys. Practicing it, altered heart is reassuring in a remarkable way and disappear (for example, feeling of fullness or spasms) internal tensions related to digestion. This mudra also relaxes diffuse aches and the maxillary tensions.

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia Miller) and verbena (Verbena officinalis) are medicinal plants of serenity and harmony.

The Green and yellow are the colors of the area of the solar plexus. Yellow brightens the mood and stimulates the mind. Green is the color of the harmony. Everyone needs a place to which power, removed. We can create it within ourselves. If we come to it without means of transportation, we not overloading the environment and save time.

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By • Sep 4, 2013 • section: Practice