Theory and practice

Theory and practice are a same birdwing without which it could not fly. Both are essential, because the mind needs to know where it goes. "Why" and "what" have them be and be clear before you start the practice.

Theory and practice

"Those who fall for the practice without theory
they are like pilots without rudder or compass,
that you may never know where they go"
Leonardo da Vinci

If we were in the East, devotion to the teacher or guru going far beyond the lack of intellectual or theoretical knowledge. But happens that we are in the West, and here our mind needs the clear understanding as a staple food that will facilitate the drive towards the practice.

It is essential to avoid a practice that is only based on blind faith. Therefore, before starting the journey inward, it is necessary to know with precision and clarity the destination concrete to which we are heading.

Will always be preferable to carry out practical based on a trust based on the understanding of the "why" and the "for what"rather than basing them on a blind faith based in most cases on an emotion that ultimately is often discover it empty of content.

If you are a travel with someone, very pleasant, valuable or important that that person be or look like, or who have told us that it is, would not be intelligent to be previously interested in the object and? final destination? Why a sadhana, spiritual practice, would be different?

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Emilio J. Gómez, teacher of yoga of silence inside yoga school.

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