Interview with José Luis Cabezas: "yoga, like love, do not submit ideas or orthodoxies"

Quoted internationally as a teacher of yoga, José solo Luis "believes in yoga as experience, as investigation of the body, mind, and consciousness." "If we are going to the mat or pad to interact us with ideas, with orthodoxies, with expectations, ambitions, is lost completely". Don't you miss this interesting interview.

José Luis Cabezas

José Luis Cabezas Muñoz He is an experienced senior trainer at international level. Dynamic Yoga Institute Director Barcelona), working closely for many years with Godfrey Devereux.

Expert help and train people in access consciousness directly through the body, gives training courses in Yoga (dynamic) mainly in Europe, North America and the South. Originator Dynamic Yoga Festival and consciousness Forum. Publishing founder Satcit)

We started to talk about the growing diffusion of yoga in Spain. Jose Luis says that yes he is coming to more people, for dissemination and commercialization, "but at the same time generating much confusion, much dispersion, surface entertainment".

Where is the main confusion?
As in education in general, everything is based on knowledge and ideas, speculation, fantasies, hopes, guesses, rather than direct experience.

We adopt and repeat beliefs and ideas of others don't at all understand but that is for real. Is it that?
Yes, they are notions that we are attractive, magical, exotic, hopeful. But they are not based on a simple, immediate, accessible.

What should be reasonable, appropriate, in yoga tradition weight? A person who starts in practice, do need to know the tradition to better understand yoga?
I will not be very critical or very dramatic... But, no, it is not necessary. It is true that yoga is emerging based on the experiences of some human beings, but they were not necessarily which conveyed these experiences in the form of ideas, dogmas or guidelines. Rather it seems that there were others who, in the distance, without having lived these experiences directly narrated them from a dualistic perspective and trying to reach them as a goal. However, lighting, like love, can be achieved voluntarily; light you up and fall in love when you occurs, but it is not possible to control it or submit it. The genuinely essential life is not under our control.

The problem is that the tradition begins to become dogma historically. Orthodoxies and dogmatism are not necessary. The only thing needed for yoga how to love is to have a body, a mind and a conscience. And that can be accessible to everyone, apart from expertise, physical or intellectual capacities.

For dynamic Yoga, the key is the intelligence of the body. Is it so?
The body is intelligence, and the mind is also intelligence, and consciousness is also intelligence. We can realize what is happening at this time because it is in the field of consciousness. Consciousness is where the sensations generated by the body are revealed. And the mind recognizes them. The mind recognizes the implications of the sensations.

The mind is not the enemy of the body, as the tradition claims; It is the best friend if you are granted their fundamental function, which is to recognize the feelings that are being generated by the body. And recognizing the implications of those feelings you can honor life, honoring the body. Then our actions will refine and make more nutritious and satisfying.

The mind also enjoys, and to be integrated in the life, the body, can finally subside. Because the basic function of the mind is the survival of the body. Being honest and safe body, the mind can finally relax and enjoy.

This is the release refers to which Patanjali...
Everything has its perfect and necessary place. He is honored and integrated, or is dishonored and disintegrated. This is at all levels. We are very used to shy away from the pain, but the pain is part of life component and need to become more intimate with the pain, because it is neither irrelevant nor has to be overlooked; It is to be able to be recognized, heard, felt so clear that we can adjust our actions. Because everything is intelligent: the life, the feelings generated by life, and when they are intense or painful is because that is the only language that has the body to communicate with the mind and recognize that language to guide you toward what you must and must not do.

But this is not a matter of ideas or beliefs. Because beliefs estorbarían that process direct and natural...
They not only hinder him but that preclude it. It is as if you and I have many conversations about love coffee, about our ideas, what you and I hope, etc. In the end all these ideas preclude spontaneous love, open, because they make you go loaded with expectations in your relationships. The same happens in yoga.

However, you if you use in your classes and your training concepts of the classical yoga...
Yoga can be considered from several perspectives. One may be the context of the universe: Unit, yoga. Then we can consider the experience, I do not know if recognize it all, but all we have lived it. Consider for example the contemplation of a sunset; There you are, you are. It is more than communion, there is unity, non-duality, there is no sense of separation. That happens to us all when we have a deep sleep, for example; only you, no worries and no sense of self, etc.

Then, samadhi or release, or that experience of lucidity, of unity, is the basic State of the human being. It is not a special status.

He must get or achieve...
This perspective is the usual: get or achieve something. And is the reverse: surrender so much, relax both, both rely on the intelligence than it is, that that experience of liberation is given, reveals himself as the basic status of the human being, of human consciousness. In fact, you get so deep that you realize that you have nothing so worry, what happens to you is perfectly valid, necessary, intelligent and is out of your control. Just as you don't know who or when you're going to fall in love with, to follow the example of love.

Therefore, it is better not speculate in yoga...
Neither you nor I were there when he was born, so we can say it would be speculation. The important thing and the only thing we know for sure is how we feel with yoga: well or not? It is so simple and profound at the same time. From this understanding (experience of how you feel), one can imagine (or speculation) that probably certain societies or groups of humans went from a stadium in harmony and communion with nature, with what is, to another era of invasions and violence. And, as a consequence, it was necessary to protect the previous experience. There, perhaps, the gift of Patanjali: trying to safeguard something that was natural, as classical because if not, was lost.

Perhaps for this reason Patanjali used aphorisms instead of very specific words, to not remove inquiry. They are infinitely interpretable the Yoga-sutra. The problem is that they emerged in a dark age, as they are all medievos. Then, what was an experience of unity would end up turning it into a text which is interpreted by those who have not had direct experience. And they interpret a dualistic perspective, even the sutras of Patanjali also.

An example?
The only thing that says Patanjali is "Yoga" now. And people, for centuries and centuries, has been playing it as: "then develop the disciplines and techniques of what is called yoga". That is, a perspective dualistic, putting distance between the object and the subject. And importantly, direct experience, is lost. However what Patanjali is: here is happening.

Have thus been translated the Yoga-sutra, in 99% of cases, from the middle ages to the present day, with a dual perspective. Yoga, union. We must join something: the individual, tiny, impure, and God, who is somewhere else far away.

From the perspective of unit that we feel and try to facilitate, there is nothing to join because it has never been separate.

Could you say that dynamic Yoga, you and Godfrey Devereux, going against the current?
It is not, the vast majority of the movements and schools of yoga to treat it as if it were a process of autopurificacion of self-improvement, of autrocontrol, attain more feats of physical, psychological, spiritual, become holier... As if we were not already sufficiently perfect. We can not be more perfect than we are. All that makes us suffer only is an imagination.

What is yoga for you?
An investigation in progress. If we are going to the mat or pad to interact us with ideas, with orthodoxies, with expectations, ambitions, is lost completely. You'll be more not relying, tussling, pushing once. You're not honoring, but on the contrary.

You know well the world of yoga outside Spain. How are we in comparison?
We are at a level very similar to the rest of the world. In United States yoga and all his paraphernalia (t-shirts, dvd's, posters, etc.) became the number one commercial phenomenon, ahead of large corporations such as McDonalds and Gilette. There is a documentary free online that is called Yoga Inc, significant of this phenomenon.

Commercially, and cultural initiatives that occur in the United States or South America, Europe and Spain are very similar. Now in Spain, we have a situation of questionable in relation with the governmentalization of yoga. In United States was attempted and failed; There are some organizations that regulate or endorse certain criteria of quality and safety in the practice and teaching of yoga. And in Spain, the fact that is controlled by the Government is very questionable. Because how can I gubernamentalizar a genuine spiritual practice? At the moment this categorized along with golf and canoeing. That "recognition" is somehow counterproductive.

And in terms of quality of education and training in Spain?
It is very similar to other countries, but we are always looking out, the India or the United States. At the congresses are valued much more teachers from outside to the inside. Outsiders are paid, and the inside not, and almost is is doing them a favor by inviting them.

A tip for someone who starts in yoga?
Be sensible, sensitive and honest with your own body and mind, because you will be generating a common sense ever sharper with less effort. And that you inquire, you question everything and that it does not delegate to the professor.

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