Harmonize your vital energy with Chi Kung

One of my teachers of Chi Kung or Qi Gong said that power was moving like waves and to be able to notice it we should pay full attention and feel like a soft wind was in our hands to make the practice. By Josep María Gasset for space MIMIND.

Chi kung

Effectively the Qi or Chi, the vital energy, moves like waves, as a pulse that can detect when we do in Chinese medicine, Tibetan or Ayurveda pulse diagnosis. So we can know how is the power of our internal organs and how flows through the different meridians or energy channels that run through our body.

With Qi Gong, we are going to invigorate these meridians acupuncture points that are clogged or knotted we unlock and release the associated organs and the complementary.

There are many forms of Qi Gong and different schools. The most important thing is practice and good motivation and have a good instructor who teach us well. In practice we can see different postures in motion or static series, to carry the Chi to different points or our body in general.

Meditate in motion

How many times we've seen in the parks of China there are groups of people that make slow and harmonic movements. These groups practice Tai Chi or Qi Gong. Now more and more we see them all over the world, creating human landscapes full of beauty and movement.

Within the forms of practice there are dynamic movements and static postures. They are usually referred to as Qi Gong Wei give and Nei. In one move energy through movement and on the other to move energy through the mind and displays.

Jung, in his study of Taoist philosophy and the I ChingHe was fascinated by a called text The secret of the Flor de Oro, which explains how to meditate on the breath and as the Qi flows through meridians to perform work on the self.

A way to boost vital energy is achieved by collecting energy at points where is distributed as in large tanks, the Tan Tien.

So, when I practice with movement, first mobilized my body, my muscles and tendons and on the other hand full of energy them meridians that as vessels communicating is feed some to others.

Qi Gong movements sometimes imitate animals, to nature and the elements, sometimes others are performed in the different cardinal points and in different directions, creating energy spaces to regenerate.

These movements, slow and soft, make that the practice can be developed by people of all the ages. Nourish them muscles and the bones and this benefits greatly to all them people that suffer, starting from certain ages, of the joints and of them bones. The nutrition of the joints, muscles and bones occurs naturally, since the energy begins to flow through the different meridians and they run through the whole body and go to the organs and viscera. They also nourish the nervous system and especially the brain.

Balance and harmony

Get the harmony with the movement and achieve be one with the land and with the elements. Balance and harmony, two concepts that Middle East teaches us. Landscapes balanced full of beauty and peace profound that we nourish. Thus, soft and harmonic movements nourish our body and our spirit, promoting health and well-being.

In the Qi Gong will get a great attention, since the movements make of the different series and tables an all that invites to the concentration and to the silence. By that at times to this discipline are you called meditation in movement.

If we are able to be concentrated and meditating while we are moving, then we can apply it to our everyday lives and meditate while walking, eating, working, traveling. Apply mindfulness in daily life guarantees us a mind free of sorrows and anxieties and stress.

The practice of the Qi Gogn static benefits our meridians of acupuncture also. Is very known the position of embrace the tree. Of foot embrace a trunk imaginary, while our legs are slightly bent and the feet touch the ground. Us feel as a tree, rooted, strong, flexible, full of vitality, and observe how the energy runs to through our, the energy of the sky and the of the land. All those elements are integrated in us: the Earth, the water, the air, the fire. The land where is the tree, that is fed by it, with the water, the fire of the Sun and the air. We are so one with nature and our bodies and our minds become something extraordinary, unique.

Les invite you to feel how flows the power making the position of embrace the tree, is a great experience.


Practicing Qi Gong are going to fill our centers of energy to have a good book of it and use it when the need, in case of disease or sobresfuerzo. In our tantiens Qi is stored and there is fed to the internal organs and viscera vivifying our body, our mind and our emotions.

Each one of our bodies is associated to an emotion and to an element. Thus, the kidney is associated to the water and to the fear, and governed them bone and the marrow. The lung is associated to the metal and governs the skin, and is associated to the sadness. The liver is associated with wood, governs the muscles and is associated with rage and anger. The heart governs the welfare emotional, the Sheng Qi, from the element fire, and the stomach governs from the element Earth, the concerns.

Through Qi Gong, therefore we are going to harmonize our energy vital in our body and our mind with smooth movement that will balance the different elements and ultimately the Sheng Qi, the energy of well-being and emotional balance.


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By • 9 May, 2013 • section: General