Bach flowers and emotions, a solution to be present

Practice Mindfulness, being present, allows us to see much better what our States and identify, if we delve into our minds, what is the root of our suffering. Bach offers us a series of remedies for these States in which the mind, such as an autopilot, gets underway and we can not stop it. Flowers bach

The Homeopathy and the Bach flowers they have in common that both seek to balance the disturbed mind in different States where emotions, stress, fears, anxieties arise and don't let us be calm.

Practice Mindfulnessstill present, allows us to see much better what our States and identify, if we delve into our minds, what is the root of our suffering. Bach It proposes a series of remedies for these States in which the mind, such as an autopilot, gets underway, and we can not stop it.

From Wallinford in Oxfordshire countryside, Eduard Bach experimenting with the dew of the plants and the trees in the forests near his home in Mount Vernon, he was experiencing the different States of mind. He had studied medicine and practiced homeopathy at the London Homeopathic Hospital, discovering some specific remedies. But Bach was a true researcher's mind.

Let's take a stroll through the green countryside of Oxford at the hands of Eduard Bach, to thus identify States of mind in which these remedies can help us.

Chestnut Bud failure does not always fall into the same mistakes

We find the chestnut, and let's try chestnut buds: the remedy is the Chestnut Bud. We use it when in a recurrent manner our mind or behavior always falls into the same mistakes and not learn from them: is the always stumble on the same stone. And one wonders: why I always have to repeat and repeat and not learn?

Practicing the Mindfulness I go to the root of the problem and understand the reason for my lack of attention, which does not allow me to see if I calm my mind I go to the core of the problem, because desidentificando me it will see it so it dissolves. To take Chestnut Bud I'll calm my mind and will see and recognize what these errors or behaviors that I have to fix or vary.

White Chestnut against the autopilot

Who does not have any? autopilot? We wake up in the morning, we shower, breakfast, we are going to work... and while the autopilot of our minds not for even a second. The truth is that we are already sitting at our table in the office and do not know how we have arrived there, what we have done, nor who we have seen, not just that we have breakfast, or if the toast were burnt. What a pity that not to pay attention to all the acts of our lives and the mind, full of worries and stress, is bring us ahead without just a cup of coffee to taste.

The brown-white, White Chestnut, It quiets the mind when there are ideas or repetitive thoughts, that pilot who commands our mind and not allow concentranos by excessive concerns. Sometimes it is a concern which is linked to the other and a recurring thought that prevents that our mind is at peace. Does someone recognize is this State?

White chestnut is not going to be the magic wand that will solve the problem to us. The error is that if I do not do a work of observation from my mind and I have a practice that, as Mindfulness, allow me to be present, not can I analyze, or solve the root of the problem, which is in my mind crazy and messy.

Red Chestnut for the excessive concern for others

The concern overblown by others It does not leave us to live our lives and makes us slaves of this torment, even neglecting our own needs and living the lives of others as if it were ours.

Sometimes, with the best of intentions, we wish to overprotect the others, children, friends, partner, and don't trust that it will be able to solve the problems by themselves, simply by their side while they feel our support. In these cases the Red chestnut, Red Chestnut, You can help us to live our lives and get rid of the excessive worry and suffering for others, their lives and their problems. It will help us to live better with ourselves and release, freeing us from this bondage of exaggerated suffering to calm our minds.

Sweet Chestnut to be oneself

Through acceptance and transformation of that inner turmoil we can be free and autonomous and give space to be able to be one himself, that our personality and consciousness progresses, since otherwise we are caught in a mind that suffers. The sweet chestnut, Sweet Chestnut will put the honey we need to make this change and loosen our minds from this bondage.

Cherry Plum to regain control of the mind

Our mind very often comes in a recurring thoughts loop and there's a moment that we think that we are going to lose control, and enter into a State of fear and panic because we see that we are not owners of ourselves. The circumstances are us and mind us does not respond. Cherry Plum, Cerasifera, is going to perceive how our minds can calm down and regain control over itself. With mindfulness, I have the necessary tools to be able to govern my mind and not allow these States to arrive. But if they occur I can help me with Cherry Plum and thus do not fall into these loops which, like a storm, are the boats on the peaceful mind.

And finally must take security into ourselves to take our own decisions and the helm of our minds, leaving to our inner voice, our authentic selves - which not the ego - can be manifested and so they can carry out the higher end of our existence beautiful on this earth, full of possibilities and love, in nature and in the authentic mind of people.

Eduard Bach left us a wonderful legacy that if we are able to use properly we can avail ourselves of it to improve our mind States. That Yes, not thinking that it is the magical remedy that will set us free. This requires a work interior and mindfulness.

By Josep Maria Gasset


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