Interview with Juan Carlos Escanciano: "We are star watching themselves"

His workshop "Navetierra", a journey through the cosmos that makes us connect to our true nature, has been introduced in the world of yoga to teach us with current and actual images what Yogis sensed hundreds of years ago. It is exciting to talk about consciousness and the universe with Juan Carlos Escanciano.

Juan Carlos Escanciano

Software engineer, psychologist, astrophysicist, a diver in the depths of the self and consciousness. He left engineering to search in meditation, zen, Tai Chi, shiatsu, yoga. Then you have opted to study Psychology, he worked at the school in Granada, accredited psychotherapy Center directed by Dr. Julio Herrero. "It is a path to a transpersonal consciousness that attracted me mightily and was a major influence for me."

He then did a master's degree in Astrophysics. "I wanted to know where had become human in outer cosmic scale exploration. Now I have a mixture of a transpersonal human approach, further than the individual consciousness, and more observation-oriented scientific training and external measurement and treatment harmonize both."

Juan Carlos Escanciano designed workshops, "Navetierra", which shows projections of the universe in self-made high-definition movies, collecting hours of material from NASA, space satellites, telescopes like the Hubble telescope, but edited in a precise order and with a very special sensibility that has brought him two years of work.

How does it arise in you the idea of the workshops "Navetierra"?
In the school in Granada we did a job of directed imagination that tried to view the Earth from the outside. As a result of that I thought why not use the support of visual material to show on their real existence, and that it would be very nice to make that trip for then work it internally. And it is that it is very difficult to imagine that there is everything that exists until one does not see; It is hard to imagine the size of a Galaxy.

I saw that there was material, and as computer couldn't handle it and as persons interested in adopting something could join the inner work with such external help to do something rigorous from the scientific point of view but with a completely different approach to that is usually given to the topic.

Can we understand the universe?
No need to understand it in rational terms. The most important thing is that it resonates with something that is in us and that is eternal. And that is the goal of my workshops: create conditions so that the participants open their receptivity. There are trips to the universe, to an increasingly large dimension. It's a bit like the journey we make in life: move site physically very reduced as it is the womb and then we are going to expand physically; you first explore the home and family, then the neighborhood, the city, traveling to other countries... And there comes a time we have consciousness of living on a planet and that we are part of something much bigger. I.e., the human being passes not consciousness to get an idea of himself, the world and the universe. I try to follow that path far school, life, has led us to go a little further. And though now not can explore the universe physically by ourselves, whether in images on film.

The two worlds, scientist and the people inside, are actually science, right?
What we call only science is a part of science. Inner science is part of science, and yoga is internal science. Language creates mental barriers that are concepts and that in reality are not separated. The universe is not separated into compartments; We are those who compartimentamos because the brain is most comfortable handling little information and categorizing things.

Do scientific discoveries serve to make us more happy people?
They provide technology, which is what most looks, his so-called power of manufacturing applications. But it explores very little of the ability of science to wake sensitivity, consciousness. to get to the bottom of the human being. I.e., philosophical, cultural, and psychological consequences, and what inspiration can bring scientific discoveries to human beings in their daily lives.

How does relate science to yoga?
Science presents to the Cosmos as a separate people object of observation. In general, we are in a State of consciousness that creates an I isolated from the rest. I observe the universe, but both me and the universe are parts of one single thing. This dissolution of the observer and observed in a single entity which observes itself is meditation, and also has to do with science.

Science is based on the attempt of the universe known to himself, the same thing that yoga is an attempt to inform oneself at the human level. There are teachers of yoga or Vedanta cheering to look the way inside instead of outside. But I encourage you to work on the hypothesis that also observe some aspects of the foreign aid to look inside oneself.

If we look at the universe in an open and simple way, can wake up a moment of connection, a flash of conscience, a glimpse of the immense, which makes you question things in your mind. And from there you can take something to develop or initiate an inside job.

Why stargazing can give you a revelation?
Because we are remnants of those stars who look to themselves. While they are away, they are not something alien. That we are observing. If I can pass it on with my workshop, perhaps in someone awaken a spark of something transcendent.

This unity of the universe with oneself resonates in the brain and throughout the body as this job of contemplation becomes. The universe has created us to observe, in some way, and that is very deep. Who am I, what I... all that is aimed at questioning the structure of our mind. Because it is the source of all the problems in this world.

How do the people who attend the workshops "Navetierra" react?
Each person that connection with the universe suggests you something different, or that there are as many universes as observers. After the viewing of the images we do a meditation in common and then express what each one has perceived. This group's work seems to me very important because there is a combined energy which is more than the sum of energies. And it is that it is a group of people who are sharing an experience of consciousness, which is very difficult to share and express sometimes because there is no forum to do so.

Contemplate the universe makes you give another dimension to your problems?
Helps relativize them, to see them in its real dimension, that tiny to cosmic scale. This is not magic, nor has to do with the part say astrology, in which it is search the influence of planets, alignments, positions in our daily lives. I try how you can transform the mind, at a deep level, observe and take these cosmic experiences and self consciousness. In fact, my workshops are the gateway to working groups on our mind, consciousness, and the impact of what exists in us.

We note with a very limited perspective, isn't it?
Yes, a perspective of existence that has a Center, the ego. A mind structured that way tends to fear, and from there come all the mechanisms of defence and compensation of that fear. One can question the root of that fear, that is the self in many ways. And that I propose is I place that in a much broader context, helping you to question who you really are.

We are all part of a chain of evolution that is not personal. It is like the wave at a football field: If you get up just to see you. But if you are a sufficient distance, you see the wave. A human act may not have significance, but if we all do it and transmit it, takes a dimension and a different sense. Each personal two cents is an effort of consciousness by awakening and transform this world.

You think that this wave of awareness towards the awakening is growing, as we want to seer?
I believe that, but if something is moving. But at the same time the structure of the human mind egotica refuses to abandon its pattern and is being reinforced the outline of the human being as a competitive animal. While every day grow centres of yoga, Tai Chi, meditation, workshops of all kinds, while the world becomes more competitive, more hard, social relations are worsening, political crisis, corruption. It seems that if there is any change will be easy or smooth.

The ego as evolutionary structure, whither? Can you continue growing without threatening the very survival of the human being?
We are 7,000 millions of human beings, and there is a physical limit, it is no longer a question that we want or we can, but we're going to see forced to change. A planet like earth does not support 10,000 million humans competing.

It is noteworthy that the ego, which has served to preserve life, is becoming an enemy of survival.
The structure that protects you, you later drowns. The uterus is absolutely essential to the survival for nine months, but we die if we leave it sooner or later. The history of life is contained in us, we went through all States of evolution, and each phase is at the same time protection for a time and obstacle from a certain moment. Thinking is very categorical, it wants to see everything good or bad, but the dynamics of the evolution is more complex, and that at a time is vital, in another is deadly. And you have to be flexible to accept this and see that, indeed, the ego is a particular structure which has had a few functions and which must now move in another direction.

There will not be forced to evolve. Humanity now, like the baby who is about to be born, you have two options: leave and start a new life or involute and stay there, because we are reaching the limit of our uterus, which is the land.

In this ship that is the land already we don't fit more... But what is the solution?
The current scheme is based on growth and competition, and that only is possible to hold it until you get to the limit of the planet. The Earth gives to eat all but can't for the greed of all; It is impossible to keep 10,000 greedy millions. There has to be a new harmony so many we can organize.

The cosmic intelligence has organized many more millions of cells in the body human beings are in the Earth, making each one aware of his surroundings. Because if a cell tries to do individually what you want (think only itself), is a cancer. That only I and my offspring scheme does not apply if you want to generate a complex organism. The continuous search for greed and pleasure is comparable to those cells completely ignorant of their environment who want to always reproduce and generate cancer. Either evolve or we involucionamos, but the dynamics of the system does not get bogged down because her population growth is leading us to a crossroads.

Project "Navetierra" and yoga

Juan Carlos Escanciano meets violet Arribas, founder of Padmasana Center, through a mutual friend. And she becomes his main mentor in the world of yoga. "Meeting with Violeta has been vital for the project"Navetierra"will connect with audiences who didn't know how to get, as the students and teachers of yoga. And it has worked perfectly. "Obviously, people who look inwards are more open to look out, his heart is more open, more flexible mind, and that it shows"

Next meeting with Juan Carlos Escanciano
Removal of astronomy, hiking and Yoga in Asturias, Valle de Quirós.
Three marches in nature. Two workshops on astronomy and two exclusive screenings in HD and screen over our Galaxy and the Cosmos. During the evenings, exit abroad to explore the night sky, their constellations and familiarize ourselves with them.
The recall involves three yoga workshops with a total of 4 hours for the practice of asana, pranayama, meditation and yoga nidra.
Price: 299 euros.
Lead removal: Violet Arribas, teacher of meditation and doga, Director of Padmasana Center and Juan Carlos Escanciano, master's degree in Astrophysics, psychologist and director of NaveTierra.

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