Strategic MIndfulness: how to improve organizations with Mindfulness

Every day around the world companies use Mindfulness as a successful strategy to improve health and finances. It seems easy to learn a set of techniques that automatically increase concentration, performance satisfaction and motivation. Tools key also if we want to talk about effective leadership.


In these times of change of paradigm, it seems that any solution has to come from reducing human structures and increases the weight of the technology. But what if the remedies came from elsewhere?, what if they come from our ability to make alliances, to negotiate, to relate to each other and to motivate our team?

Skills such as: attentive listening more than body, empathy, compassion, interdependence, impernanencia and opportunity are some skills that increase in the meetings and negotiations.

What does Mindfulness by the company

Mindfulness basically works under the premise of the day to day or moment-to-moment basis, focusing on staying calm, whatever happens. We can apply Mindfulness at a meeting, creative sessions of strategies, in a strike of vendors, when your server or in an air crash. It is free and we do not need more software than our breathing.

If you want to learn Mindfulness to apply it to your work because you are a small business owner, you have an idea that you want to develop or you're salaried and fear what will happen tomorrow, perhaps these simple guidelines can help you.

Scientific studies conducted in small and large companies that used Midfulness in ten-week programs found that: 1. workers could easily focus your mind and increase your level of happiness; 2 they activated his immune system; 3. those who suffered from stress reduced it.

But applied to the job, increasing the concentration took with him a increased productivity and efficiency. Workers improved their times, developed skills in advance empathic that served to meet the needs of customers until they open the mouth. It was a silent tool of great innovation and inspiration. He joined the team, creating a strong synergy and resilience.

Partnerships create value and allow companies keep and innovate in adversity, against the pressure and the expectations of the clients in a global market... that claim more for less. In this interconnected world - the practice of interdependence, partnerships constitute a basic personal and business growth strategy. In fact, expected that worldwide revenues 50% and up to 25% of the innovation of organizations come from strategic alliances. It is therefore necessary to practice a tool like empathy in Mindfulness.

The magazine Forbes He acknowledged that "those companies that had used marketing strategies based on the loyalty by empathy had substantially higher values in the market that companies did not have such training". But not all the empathy succeeds or all alliances are good. Companies that want to apply Mindfulness to develop strategic alliances or seek market niches should carefully choose its partners and handle with "Mindfulness" obstacles.

They are necessary to prevent corporate failure and increase the success two conditions in strategic Mindfulness: that partners are strategically in line, and are compatible empathic.

Ways of strategic Mindfulness

Mindfulness offers these six roads addressed directly to individuals or organizations who have understood how to create innovation and success using empathy.

-Develop strategic alliances: you need to work with strategic partners and would like to evaluate their compatibility. You may have to make a leap, and don't know where to find partners. Mindfulness gives you a look structured, disciplined and focused on the strategic process of search. Working with profound vision suitability in those areas that need to offer added value to your organization can be in the future your fundamental difference.

-Partnerships with workers. If you have been able to create a good customer base, why not have your employees as true partners? This vision offers additional opportunities for both. Mindfulness helps prevent conflicts transforming them into allies, and allowing the part of "the shadow" to emerge in a positive sense in the enterprise. The main objective is to create more synergies and make the team as a "full body" to generate more opportunities.

-Circles of competition. If you've already done the previous two steps and you want all your strategy to solidify in the company, then we will work to create circles of competence in the organization that will facilitate the emergence of new models of thinking - without suppressing them-. The advantage of incorporating this 'hidden knowledge' is multiple and management experts link it to one of 'best practices' business, since they can help resorlver problems more easily and to create a model of effective assertive communication that benefits your results.

-To assess the potential of your organization. We believe that we know all of our collaborators, but if we can have "Beginner's mind" and understand the entire system as an organic whole... will appear many more opportunities. It is joining "best practices of Midnfulenss", the emergence of "thinking visible", synergies to create "views and unique perseverancias". To do this, it is essential to evaluate the power of your organization with another look.

-More research and development strategies. It is clear that the entrepreneur can create much value added. For this reason it is essential to train in: as clarifying the vision, mission, take advantage of the hidden potential, determine the future needs of customers, analyze strengths and weaknesses and maximize the happiness of all.

-Observe the growth. One of the most beautiful things of Mindfulness is the ability that we see and understand what happens, how it happens and how we feel. Looking at your clients, employees, your company and yourself with this triple vision you can design action plans, open multiple ways that will help you be at peace while you manage the positive transformation that you were looking for.

Get to work: begin to change your company today.


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