Women and yoga: 7 questions for them

Rosa Mª Marcos, Pilar Luna, Amable Diaz, Cayetana Ródenas and Eva Espeíta (in that order, in the pictures) respond to seven questions that all practitioners of yoga ever have done.


1 why women practice more yoga?

Friendly Diaz: Because we are perhaps more intuitive; because find us it more rewarding to be the immediate response of our body; because there are still women who have more time... But, Hey, I almost all students male I've had have been very applied and very interested in the philosophical part of yoga; the woman, more practical, can stay in the postural part and deepen less.

2. the teaching of Yoga has been heritage of men for many years. Are there in Spain more prevalence (influence) than teachers of teachers for this reason?

Pilar Luna: I'm not sure that the teaching of yoga has been a heritage of men. What is the heritage of the men is certainly its transmission in recent times... For example, we remember all the "discoverers", but we know all the names of the women who accompanied them and that when they died, continued forward alone...

If you read the Mahabharata that contains the Ghita (one of the great books of yoga), you see the leading role of women in the history of the India: mother of Arjuna, chosen disciple by Krishna; the mother of the Pandavas, heroes of the great epic, who has five children with five different husbands elected by it, all a recognition of a female polygamy... unthinkable in the current India.

If you look really yoga inside, to what really matters, speaks of two distinct and complementary powers (purusha and prakriti, Ida and Pingala). The fullness is acquired by the integration of both equality and without predominance; until then, we are incomplete.

That Yes, power today is most often detected by men, and can be seen in classrooms women fill them but the associations directed them mostly men. But that is not the yoga, but the socio-political-cultural environment and power.

3. what has traditional yoga always been patriarchal, male?

Eva Espeita: Yes, there is something of truth in that. But patriarchy is the flow of the world from about 4,000 years ago, and we therefore live it at all levels around the world, that the woman herself does not know her role as a woman.

There is a tendency in the Patriarchate, in the India as the world, reality, the Earth, the woman, is something to exploit, use, but not to Revere, not to feel devotion deep for what it symbolizes. And women, in the process, has been desvalorizada.

The only way to valorise and sacralize the woman, the Earth and the universe is through love, decide that we are all one. And love wakes up looking at the other carefully, realizing that the other is there. But you have to stop and contemplate (dhyana) without putting your ego or your needs ahead, seeing things as they really are.

4. do something special bring Yoga teachers by the fact of being a woman?

Pilar Luna: Yes, of course, and men also. And to become realized beings, both of them left a wonderful and interesting way to learn. Each one a full Orange and we have to find the flavor of our inner half. Adventure is worthwhile.

5. at the time of teaching, there are differences between teachers?

Cayetana Rodenas: I believe that we can make a different Yoga, because we are different men and women. There are more strong men that foster practice harder, more physical, but then teachers there are wonderfully spiritual and sweets. You can, however, that because of menstruation and childbearing, we can understand the female part of otherwise. There are guys PROFS that's embarrassed les to say that if you have menstruation don't sail, or gives them some fear have a pregnant in classes. We, the teachers, we can understand it better.

Rosa Mª frames: Without neglecting at all, but quite the opposite, the teachings of most yoga teachers that I have had the pleasure of meeting, and taking into account that in classes there is usually more practitioners of female, maybe a teacher can bring greater sensitivity in certain situations (pregnancy, menses...), by the experience of their physical Constitution. Regular practice of Yoga is indifferent to be a teacher or a teacher who guide the student; It is important that you know to accompany you in your personal evolution.

Friendly Diaz: If there are differences, they are very small. I what I see is that there are women who are still loaded with prejudices. In principle, they tend to be more interested in than teachers in the teachers; If a teacher says something, even if it is rubbish, it's as if transmit them more confidence.

The woman is more intuitive, it has more availability, but you see it struggle to give the final step in the commitment or the search. It also depends on the stage you are women; young people are too overturned in the nearby affectivity, and at 40 are less emotional and more rational, and can start a search of ultimate goals. Men make the trip to the contrary; Youth get involved to stop in sport and work and then, from the 50's, begin to feel the affection is important.

6. would you say that more teachers than teachers there are already?

Rosa Mª frames: When I started practicing yoga in the 1970s, almost all the teachers had to my about were male, instead in the classes he had and there is a clear predominance of women. In a patriarchal society like ours, we had to wait for women free from their day-to-day work and had access to higher education to match and exceed in number of yoga teachers.

7. How can yoga approach us, to both sexes?

Pilar Luna: My friend Toni, a Yogi who must be closely, replied to a comment my feminist: "I am hearing from my feminine side and am very pleased of the progress that we made". I don't remember my comment, but I keep recalling the wisdom of its response and fills me with hope in life and in the yoga.

Lama Thubten Yeshe, in his book Introduction to Tantra (Ediciones Dharma, 2005), invites us to behave ourselves now as beings lit, full of happiness and compassion, with the certainty that this attitude, accelerates the path to enlightenment. Applying this right attitude, yoga walking to the essence of our development and makes us equal; only lack that we realize and change, as in everything else, our automation.

Friendly Diaz

Cayetana Rodenas

Eva Espeita

Pilar Luna

Rosa Mª frames

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