Asana: Utthita Parsvakonasana

In Sanskrit, utthita means "stretch"; parsva, denotes "side", "side", while Kona translates as "angle": extended side stretch. We follow the explanation of the book of B. K. S. Iyengar Iyengar Yoga, Manual initiation (Guardian). Performs: Maria Ovando. Photo: Thor Castro.


In this asana, both sides is stretch intensely, from them fingers of a foot until the tip of the fingers of the hand contrary. Remember you of keep the body quite stable to the practise this asana.

1. It adopts Tadasana (mountain of posture). Inspired and separates the feet of a jump 1.2 m approximately. At the same time, it raises laterally, at the height of the shoulders, both arms outstretched. The palms of the hands must be turns toward the ground. Stretch the arms from the back of the elbow. Make sure that feet are aligned, with the fingers facing forward. It descends the outside edges of the feet. The fifth (little) finger of each foot pressed against the ground.

2. Breathing out slowly and turn simultaneously the leg and foot left 90º to the left. At the same time, turn the right foot placing it slightly to the left. Stretch the right leg and tighten it at the knee. Make sure that the weight falls on the heel, not on the toes of the left foot. Adjust, if is necessary, the distance existing between the legs. Be sure to keep feet aligned among themselves.

Note: When you turn the left leg, concentrate on swing out thigh. This reduces pressure on the left knee.

3. It flexes the knee until the thigh and calf to form a right angle, and the left thigh is parallel to the ground. Turn slightly to the left that same flexed knee. Keep upright the trunk (not must lean to the left). He makes one or two breaths.

Beginners: Deliberately, pulling up right knee and ankle. Opens the face rear of the knee right from the Center to the sides. Strip muscles of both calves to the thighs.

4. Breathing out and placed the Palm of the left hand on the floor next to the right foot. Make sure that the left arm is in contact with the external surface of the flexed knee. Extend your right arm on the right ear. You turn your head and raises the view. Hold the position for 20-30 seconds.

Note: Venting air, first stretched his left arm. Then lower it to the ground. You can place the pads of the fingers, rather than the Palm of the hand on the floor.


It improves lung capacity.

Tonifies the heart muscle.

It relieves the pain caused by sciatica and arthritis.

It improves digestion and helps to eradicate constipation.

It reduces fat in the waist and hips.

Warnings: If you have high stress, avoid this asana. If you suffer from cervical espondiliosis, do not turn the neck or Elk view.

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