Beginners: best excuses for not practicing and antidotes to defeat them

Does anyone remember Platoon, the film about the war in Viet Nam that caused furor in the mid-1980s? In it, one of the protagonists blew one of those categorical phrases that the film leaves for posterity: "excuses are like ass, everyone has one". I would say that within us there is room for more than one. See it. Writes Victor Medina.


"I don't have time." This category includes all complaints about whether the class is "coming soon" or "too late", or "out of time"... To make a hole to Yoga in your calendar full of activities and events must use a shoehorn. The remedy, mark it as a regular practice and comply with it as a fixed and unavoidable habit. And something that is true and verifiable: the time you invest in Yoga, Yoga returns it to you more.

"Is very expensive". A Yoga class can cost more than the monthly payment of a gym. Although today we live in the heyday of Yoga and the offer is varied in styles and prices, it is worth mentalizing you that spending is an investment in health, which itself is a savings in the medium and long term.

"The environment is very serious and people are just talking about". Not to be confused the attitude of concentration in class with detachment. There is always time to socialize... after the final "om".

"I will never do this posture." The path of Yoga is long - I would say that life. The haste is bad company. The aim, not also reach a position.

"An hour in the mat overwhelms me. I am very restless"." Yoga seeks to the concentration, the investigation yourself. Other intense sporting or gymnastic activities pose challenges that you "out" yourself, are a flight of your attention to the field of play. The aim of Yoga is to teach you how to focus your attention and bring your awareness to your body and your mind to yourself.

"With this I won't to get it". Truth. If you are looking for biceps and pectorals hypertrophied, this is not yours. But if you aspire to a body toning with a practice that does not discriminate any muscle, balanced and respectful with the anatomy, welcome.

"Everything hurts". Physical activity causes the practice effects. Aches, sensation of muscular tension. We must distinguish between "good" pain and that warns us that we are forcing. Respect the limit and honor the stiffness will keep you away from chronic back and joint pain.

"Yoga is very committed"." True. Don't expect miracles, instant enlightenment, or the conquest of the posture of the Lotus in two weeks. As I said before, Yoga is for life. And this is what you want, a full life together with Yoga.

Victor Medina, teacher Yoga and journalist.

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