Asanas: Vriksasana or posture of the tree

We open this new section of Asanas with Vriksasana. It is a posture of balance, effective and affordable, and can be carried out at the beginning or at the end of the session of Yoga. Text: Keys of Yoga, Danilo Hernandez. Run: Raúl Torres, Professor of the international school of Yoga. Photos: Thor Castro.

vriksasana (photo: Thor Castro)

To properly balance postures requires an external support that gaze is fixed during the exercise.

  1. Position of split: place you of foot, with the feet together and all the body vertical. Fixed gaze at some point visible is front of you, more or less to the height of the eyes. Keep looking at this point throughout the exercise.
  2. Says the leg left and passed the weight to the left foot. Then slide the sole right for the inside of the left leg, bringing it to the knee. With your right hand take the ankle and placed the right heel in the left groin, with the plant well supported on the inner side of the thigh and the toes pointing down. If the heel does not reach the root of the thigh, it doesn't matter. Place it as high as possible, keeping some pressure of the foot against the thigh. Takes your right knee back, placing hips in line. There is another more advanced possibility that consists of placing the foot in half-Lotus position, i.e., the right foot is taken with the help of the hands and is positioned at the top of the left thigh. You have to rotate the ankle so that the instep of the foot rests on the groin, while plant points towards the sky and knee to the ground.
  3. Board of the palms of the hands in prayer position and placed the scepter of the chest. Keep the left leg strong and upright trunk.
  4. After a few seconds, when the balance, inspiring, feel stabilized raises the arms above the head with the palms of your hands together. It extends the spine and stretch trunk and arms up. In this position you immobilize time that is comfortable for you. Then undo the position slowly following the same steps but to the reverse. After a brief pause, performs the exercise reversing the position of the legs.

Technical details

  • Keep relaxed face. Avoid useless tensions.
  • In the final position, the body remains in the same vertical plane.
  • See the foot on which rests the weight of the body and keep it very well rooted to the ground.
  • It strengthens your center of gravity around the abdominal breathing in the navel area. Breathing of how natural and balancing.
  • The stance has to radiate harmony, balance and strength.


Focus on the point where you focus the gaze, in balance, in immobility and stretch upwards. Veterans can concentrate on manipura chakra.

Main benefits

  • Strengthens feet, ankles and legs.
  • Develops the balance physical, nervous and emotional, and provides stability mental.
  • Power the concentration.
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