Interview with Eva Espeita (Swami Radhananda): "We can overcome the crisis by changing the mind"

This great confusion that we live is because we have a poor understanding of the world. This Yoga teacher says it tantra, Swami Radha or simply Eva, as it is known to many of his students. She conceives as a path to Awakening Yoga and Tantra as a path to freedom.


Eva Espeíta, Swami Radhananda Saraswati, opens his own school of Yoga in Madrid, Aushadhi, where transmitted his teaching and is the seat of all its projects in relation to the Yoga in 2010. Tells us that it started officially practicing Yoga at the age of 22: after many years devoted to the study, several deep experiences and inspiration from the works of Aleister Crowley, resulted finally in this ancient science.

With 24 years, in 2003, began the practice of Swami Digambaranda Saraswati (Danilo Hernández) hand. "I had already studied theory in many ways: on the basis of logic and reason, and noting its limitations, ahondé finally in art and philosophy, aesthetics and mysticism, expressing masterfully in different traditions that I studied with dedication" , but of all the Yoga I seemed the most clear and simple, since it very specifically talked about every thing without just cripticismos. And through Yoga could understand much about the other traditions of humanity, and not only this: it could easily apply and live so every second with full consciousness, creating the possibility of reaching the maximum fullness of life. "Starting from there, the Yoga became the main thing for me".

And how you go deeper? What teachers were you formed?
Since 2003 I've been with Swami Digambarananda (Danilo Hernández), which has given me a lot. He has done work with the master Yoga, both in Spain and in Latin America. Owe much to it and my master, who is Swami Nishchalananda, of Great Britain, both direct disciples of Swami Satyananda Saraswati; Nishchalananda coexisted with Satyananda mushicimos years in India and wrote some of the greatest informative books on Yoga that currently exist. In terms of lineages, Satyananda represents the most because it has an approach tantra, which is that I'm interested in me attracted. However, do not cease to learn from other many schools of Yoga: I do not follow any line in particular and everything in general seems to me to be useful still.

Tell us about Tantra. How do you understand it?
Tantrism is an attitude in life that has to do with not refuse anything because everything in existence is sacred, said William Blake.
For Tantra there nothing better or worse, is not elected, there is no moral concepts or specific rules; in any case us speak that we can balance or unbalance us, but it does not speak in terms of good and bad. Tantra is a path to freedom. He understands that every manifestation is manifestation of the absolute and as such it is sacred, and that you don't need to move away from the world to understand it; on the contrary, in every corner of this physical universe there is a door to the infinite. And anything that we could experience at that level is a means of access to the meditation. Therefore, the physical body is a door. Hence Hatha Yoga or tantra sex.

Do we can explain this last?
Many people believe that Tantrism is only sex. In the West there is a serious problem regarding the understanding of sexuality. It also costs us to accept and understand the body, by the Judeo-Christian influences that we had.

Same as Hatha Yoga transform it into fitness, the Tantric Sex transform it into debauchery, but that isn't Hatha Yoga or Tantra. For example, if we do Hatha Yoga to get a medal, it is that we have abandoned the sense of tradition, of life. We are here to leave ignorance, to wake up.

Tantra is an approach to life which involves consciousness. Life also has (among other things) sexuality. Sexuality is the most absolute physical environment to join another human being. This union can be done with full consciousness and those who practice it to the meditative experience with a power unknown by the majority of the people. But to reach this requires enormous personal work that is finished with all the trauma and positioning of our culture about sexuality. And does lack something called love, which is a great unknown... If we have not reached this level of consciousness, sex can be a big problem.

Would it mean to you to be Swami?
There is only one way to become Swami (or Swamini, that would be my case, by being a woman) or Sannyasin, which is another teacher or Swami you start. And my teacher, Swami Nishchalananda, proposed to initiate me as Sannyasin. The sense of this is indeed a symbol. Everything we do in Yoga and specifically in Tantra are symbols that help us to understand reality, not to lose us. Sannyasin is the symbol of the have resigned, but this is not so much who renounces things very obvious as possessions, but, from the point of view Tantric, everything that is not in the path of awakening, which is not addressed properly. Being a Sannyasin or Swami is a symbol of the life we choose.

The life that I have chosen is the life of teaching and the awakening. I do not see more form exist that every moment to meditation. Be Swami constantly brings me to the life I've chosen, to teaching for myself and for others.

At what supports your teaching base, what is the main source which nourishes them?
The main source is what is above or behind me. I eat much of the meditative experiences I've had throughout my life. From there I connect with all the mystical traditions that I know. I have many references of great masters and professors of history and of all places and times: poets, philosophers, mystics, Yogis... I do not close any school or I even just Yoga. The road of the understanding is in every being, and neither we nor we should close ourselves to anything.

Why also my alumn@s, mis amig@s, my family and the world in general I being taught constantly. Apart from the most subtle, mental, philosophical or energy aspect, the body work interests me a lot, what I do with time and precision, as wonderful and necessary personal development and I have too many references both Eastern as Western.

How will I get to have these experiences of open consciousness, transcendental? Logically, there is a method, but a process that can lead to this.
The process is a mystery, we do not handle it. There is a hidden element that handles things in this universe, called absolute, voidness or just that which is always creating this existence and what no one knows its origin, or the most advanced scientific theories... In any case, there is a force that we cannot see and yet much less control by our ego. Any action part of the ego is flawed because it is based on the attachment or aversion, in which the ego cares or not. And the ego is a mask of being, a set of dualities, of divisions. Our innermost being is beyond all that.

How you will reach deep States of consciousness, or what is the same, to see ever more clearly and to live in peace? All the techniques or teachings of mankind are based on creating the enabling environment. It is as if we would like to make an orchard to pick fruits and vegetables. The only thing we can do is prepare the land, choose seeds, plant them, continue caring for them and wait: you do not to grow or handle other contingencies. But in fact what you are doing is what you must do, and in the process they pass things.

It is important to understand that no goal; there is at the time that you're looking for something, you can not find it. When we want to get somewhere, we're losing to us what is happening, and what is happening is the awakening. Therefore, only can prepare debug us, transmuting us, go to refine those things that limit us, being more aware of our existence. And in the process of being aware, the awakening is coming in many ways.

It can be a very strong, very abrupt awakening, and then it is really important to have a sangha (a group of practitioners in the same way) or a teacher nearby. And then there are also more gentle Awakenings. But it is important to not pretend nothing; that is a trap.

What do you think about this crisis and widespread confusion time? What can we do to help each other?
Crises are good, in the sense of that show us that something is obsolete and must find another way. There are many things that are dropping in front of everyone, and not just in front of a few intellectuals or philosophers. It is a great opportunity because people are seeing the exploitation, suicide mass involving the destruction of the planet, which is what we are doing together. Crisis mark the moment stop this at once. They are thousands of years of patriarchy, more about how centuries of destructive capitalism going to finish with everything if we follow as well.

People wake up in the moments of pain; It is pain is a master fast, because nobody wants to remain there, and are looking for solutions. And in our country, affecting both the crisis, incredible changes; they are being seen much in the younger generation, that it is doing wonderful projects and go to live in the country, out of consumerism, creating free schools, search for another type of health... This is a door towards the light.

And how to go to that door?
All problems involve a poor understanding of the world. The crisis we have is in the minds of all those involved in it (and I mean all). How to get out of the mess that we have got ourselves into? (all of the confusion, which the crisis is just a symptom.) Meditating, muting, emptying the mind of contents, erasing memories, conditionalities and from there, changing, acting. Meditation is a formatting of the mind; When you get to format your brain, your karma, you realize that that so worry is a construct, an illusion that we have created together. Of course that someone who does not have what to eat may seem like a useless discourse, but sincerely, secure that he has nothing to eat because I like collective (that includes you and everyone) we have done things from a specific conception of the susceptible reality always in change.

We can create buildings that give us fullness to tod@s, a very different world, a paradise on Earth, in fact, but all depends exclusively on us, as individuals and as a community, and create great things together. Through contemplation and meditation (has no why come from Yoga, we could reinvent it, it's really an attitude) can reach a form of understanding of different reality, which has nothing to do with what we are living so far. And from this new vision act differently. And each new Act generates in other new visions... is a circle that is fed back.

Yoga is discipline, austerity... understand that how your younger students?
From observation, we proceed to put our energy in balance. This implies that we have to tell if some things and not others, and certainly is not what you have told us or we have understood: here's the austerity. Tantra means that Yoga is also Bhoga, enjoy: every moment of existence may be waking up. and the total enjoyment, yogic, is balanced. A harmonious life is a life full of delight and enjoyment. There is no why renounce pleasure while that leads to the fullness.

One may be a beer, for example...
Why not? Tantra does not have standards; It depends on the individual, and in that regard has much to do with Ayurveda. It could not be everyone the same guidelines (e.g. dietary restrictions or sexual restriction) because the same Ayurveda says that every being is unique and different from others. But it is also true that in the Tantric path prior discipline is very useful to be able then to develop all this consciously.

It is very important that the restriction (or otherwise) is not a goal. Sometimes the restriction is necessary and sometimes not; in fact, for some people the austerity can be counterproductive, because they are very repressed in itself or are too austere. Each person has a different balance, and that is for me very important, but it is something that many schools of Yoga is not taken into account. Every individual has access to consciousness, each individual is the guru in essence and is working it. Essential level we are equal, but in formal terms we are different, with different needs throughout life.

Everything has a rhythm. The universe is a rhythm, a music. And all our problems come from that are not listening to the rhythm and flow. There is a disconnect between what the moment demands and what we are doing. Listen to this rhythm and dance to his son is to go by the Tantric path, requiring absolute delicacy, but it is the only way in the end because there is never a dogma for everything. What you need to do is work, study, take care all the time, live fully in the delight of the existence. And from there go observing what is coming, having such close highly developed people because their presence we positively influence to advance on the path that we complete. But the work we always do: people around are very important but we have to remember that the power is within us, no one will save us, and best of all is that we do not need nobody to save us. In any case, we can unite our powers and then nothing will be impossible for the human being

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