Teens and meditation

We often think that the practice of Yoga or meditation may be alien to the mentality of a current teen. However, the experience of the teacher of secondary Gabi Muriarte refutes it.


Our pessimism acquires greater argument by stating that such yogic practices are totally unknown and practiced absolute in the context of secondary education, according to the current rigid institutional methodology.

Fortunately, the universal nature of Yoga, its great flexibility and adaptation to any field shows that also in the classrooms of high school adolescents constant practice is possible and systematic meditation and Yoga.

From a course and a half levels of 1st, 2nd and 3rd secondary school all kinds of my matter begin with 10-15 minutes of meditation.

Pupils sitting in their chairs, their backs straight, soles of the feet flat on the ground and eyes closed follow instructions of a series of meditations guided sequenced conscious relaxation, attention to breathing issues, attention to the thoughts, presence in the be...

It is amazing to observe how with full attention exercises and maintain progressively longer execution time.

It is also worth highlighting the release of their experiences and feelings, always accompanied by an atmosphere of serenity and respect unusual stillness in the classroom...

Also from this course begins in September 2012, in the course of physical education, work asanas, exercises, Pranayama and greeting to the Sun as part of initiation in classes, also gradually the results are being more than satisfactory in the students.

I hope that my experience will serve to abandon pessimism widespread in work with young people and trusting the great benefits of the art of Yoga and meditation on the person without a doubt regardless of age and context.

Gabi Muriarte, Professor of secondary education.

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By • 4 Feb, 2013 • section: General