Know how to speak, knowing silence

Talk is necessary, as silence. Our microcosm, our personal reality is configured through the words. Through the words, teachings, qualifications, clarifications, explanations, apologies are offered... The word is wonderful, and more silence. The problem starts when we don't shut up.

Through spoken discourse the issuer sets energy ties with the receiver, which can serve as a healthy Exchange of energy by both parties, which would be healthy and desirable. However, what comes to happen is an energy draining to the receiver by the issuer, and this situation is more common than we assume. Perhaps, this is why you have to be alert to such cases of psychic vampirism.

However, there is no major problem, as its detection is easy thanks to the unstoppable speech of this type of issuers, which is nothing more than an attempt to capture power through the insistent demand for attention through the word. They are able to talk for hours and hours without saying anything concrete; that Yes, a change that will grant them a dose of energy.

It is true that through the word and the listener we collect and give energy. It is a game in which, consciously or unconsciously, everyone takes part. In fact, it is a game in which it is inevitable to participate from the moment in which we relate to others.

Well regarded, the constant need for recognition is compassion. People thus have located its center of gravity in the emotional Center (Anahata chakra), which need a permanent interaction with others, which is where get their extra dose of energy.

Urgent need of meditation

It is evident that this type of people are unaware of the source of infinite energy that lies inside, and have much less come to connect with her. They don't know it, but these people urgently need to learn to shut up and listen. Without a doubt, they urgently needed meditation.

The first basic requirement for entering the inner world is quieting down, stop... shut up. It happens that if the body is to mind it quiets. And this is something that you can learn, something that everyone can learn. You don't need to have conditions for its practice. Meditation is a blessing because it is a world heritage site. Just wanting to, is enough to desire it, and conditions appear.

It is possible that there are other methods and ways, but we only know meditation, this is why we dare to recommend it. Through their daily practice, it is possible to connect with that great store of infinite energy, which is the universe, of which one is a part. Once discovered, it eliminates the need for begging outside energy through empty conversations or in other ways.

The practice of meditation we installed directly on the inner world. What is what is perceived when we got into such a world? First, are the thoughts, memories, projects. Also displayed a wide range of physical, pleasant and unpleasant sensations. And how not, the emotions, with its cargo of desires and aversions.

Discover silence

Finally, if you have enough patience and perseverance, it is possible to observe how flows something different, different, special... It is the silence. The discovery of the silence is because it comes with a great peace. First peace, then silence. In silence there is nothing, but neither will need something. In silence all is well, all is suitable.

A quality of silence is flowing without our personal intervention, it may not impose from the will. Conversely, if allowed to, silence mana in spurts, like water from a spring. Impose silence is an order that comes from the mind, and therefore is synonymous with ignorance. However, putting the right conditions and allow the silence to appear is a smart attitude.

Human beings need communication spoken with their peers as well as from the silence emanating from inside. No more, no less: in equal measure. A communication will thus be balanced in giving and receiving, in speaking and listening, because it comes directly from the soul.

Emilio J. Gómez, teacher of yoga of silence inside yoga school.

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By • 3 Dec, 2012 • section: Meditation, Inner silence