The Yogis of the India

There are many Yogis in the India? Gustavo Plaza, editor of the magazine Sadhana of Ecuador, responds to this question and speaks about his true master and guru, a priest Catholic.

Once again I find myself sitting in a boat that sails along the most sacred river of the India: Ganges.

Varanasi or Varanasi is the city living more ancient of the planet and from always has been cradle of wisdom and spirituality.

The religious life of this ancient village develops the length and width of the Ganges and the sundry of Varanasi writes much of the pages of the history of the Yogis of modern India.

Walk or surf the sundry in the early hours of the morning is an experience unparalleled.

Amid the whirlwind of everyday life that awakens, Yogis, few authentic, seeking its silent refuge in the depths of your inner self.

Creating to your around an aura of peace, find a meditator still. The perfection of its position, the quality of his mudras and his hidden face not only evoke an aura of mystery, they reveal that he is trained in genuine Hatha-Yoga and the higher echelons of the Radja-Yoga.

With spine perfectly upright, unsupported that hold your asana, remained stationary for longer which could be expected. It disappeared just as from quietly as it appeared.

Yogis merchants

But it is not easy to find true Yogis, sadhus real, authentic gurus. Do not abound, in Varanasi, in Rishikesh, or in Nepal or in Tibet. People think that the Middle East is full of these men and women unique but is not the case; is rather completely the opposite. Today the vast majority are traders, businessmen who are looking for the best way to sell and earn their daily bread.

Many of these pseudo-yoguis only seek recognition, fans and money. They are not very different from the pseudo-yoguis of the West, as they have the same interests and the same gaps and shortcomings.

Sitting in one of the sundry of the city of Varanasi, after meditation, I saw the Sun birth to the East. I felt that morning much gratitude because I was fortunate to meet a great Yogi, a genuine spiritual seeker who was started me in all of this, the father Cesar Davila, teacher, friend, guide.

One of the greats in whom love and spiritual power were so strong that everywhere that it was was felt.

He, as a priest, made me return to respect a Christianity that I had forgotten; He reminded me that it depends not from religion but from the internal feel.

Authentic guru

Universal and always open to learn more. Humble and franco, an honest man who exemplified during his lifetime which is to be a true guru.

Not needed go to India, or upload to the Himalayas to receive them teachings more elevated of the yoga; It did in my city, in the organization that my master founded (AEA). Guided his hand.

I knew from a young age that there was no need to change religion, to travel to another country, because yoga is not a privilege of initiates, and the mystique of all religions give us glimpses of this inner journey.

And while I note that sacred river flow I realize date: is 1 November, the day my teacher was born. Bringing devotion my hands in the gesture of prayer from the heart I remember you and send you my love... I know that I am yours... Jai Guru!

Who is

Gustavo Plaza is Professor of yoga in Guayaquil, Ecuador, and director of the magazine Sadhana.

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By • 26 Nov, 2012 • section: Signatures, General