Conscious breathing

Pranayama begins with the awareness basic of breathing, a simple search that serves as base for them others techniques of breathing.

He principle is simple: before attempting to regulate your own breathing, have that know something about she. And the best way to obtain this understanding is resting quietly and use your powers of perception to feel the movement of your breath.

Perhaps not have dedicated too much time to tune with the sensations that accompany to the inhalations and exhalations. In this case, probably have much to learn. Perhaps think that this initial phase of the pranayama practice is a blind date with your breath.

To start, lie on your back in a simple Savasana (corpse posture). After a few minutes, directs your attention to the breath. Consider where the feel when you move for her. What parts of the body are moved when inhale and exhale? You feel the breath more strong in the belly or in the chest? In the front part of the body or on the back? In the side left of the torso or on the right?

When you've familiar with the location of the breath, considered its flow. Do you feel it fast or slow? Deep or light? And what is more long, the inhalation or the exhalation? Perceive a pause at the end of the inspiration or of the exhalation? Are breaths uniform or unpredictable compared with the others?

Finally, you can consider the sensation of the breath. Is soft or strong? Warm or cold? Light or heavy? Do comes to mind any color or image and emotion in particular when you breathe? Remember that not is is of change the breathing, but of know it.

When you've finished your exploration, let your conscience expands beyond it. Here rest for several minutes and see how you have changed this practice. You feel more peaceful? Frustrated? Stunned? Do high? Confused?

At the beginning, you feel perhaps a little lost - as a traveller without a map-. But be assured that after a period of weeks, months or even years, you will discover a wide range of sensations and feelings associated with breathing. You will begin to love this new country where you live. And you will be surprised of how searched could live all these years without the awareness of how is feels to the breathing.

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By • 5 Oct, 2012 • section: Practice, Pranayama