Summer 2020 Yoga Retreat Guide (updated)

We offer you a compilation of the best yoga retreats that will take place during the months of July, August and September. We'll update the information.

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Mindfulness and Hiking Holidays in the Aran Valley

Where: Lerida Pyrenees

July 27 to August 2 and August 3 to August 9

Mindfulness session 90 minutes: we will start in the morning with a session of Mindfulness, we will awaken the body gradually with care and softness, we will learn to treat ourselves with kindness, I will guide you in the practice of meditation and mindfulness before having our delicious breakfast.

Hiking: the environment in which we stay is spectacular, it is a paradise, one of the most beautiful places I know, we will hike enjoying the contact with nature and the peace it brings us, we can bathe in natural pools!!

Friendly Yoga Session 90 minutes: in the afternoon, before dinner, we will enjoy a Friendly Yoga session in which we will take care with exquisite attention flexibility and body strength. -And we will have moments to do what we want, rest, moments of talk, reading, we can sunbathe in the pool, walk... The intention is that you feel free and at ease.

Contact: T 629 507 265 /

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III Harmonic Singing Retreat with MuOM

Where: More for Llaneta (Tarragona)

July 30 to August 2

To facilitate compliance with health prevention measures, during the withdrawal:
– We will decrease the capacity of the withdrawal from 50 to 25 seats.
– We will reduce the capacity of rooms from 4 to 2 people
– We will make it easier for meals to be made in the outside areas of the house
– Activities will ensure that we maintain the physical safe distance
– We will have hydro-alcoholic ice available to participants

What we will do at the retreat:
Explore the possibilities of your voice and learn the techniques of difonic singing in a natural environment and a relaxed and community atmosphere.
• The goal of the retreat is both to start and to deepen the harmonic singing through group classes of technique, repertory rehearsal and final exhibition (the last day in the afternoon).
• We will connect the singing with the breath and our own body, see what the resonance consists of, we will learn to listen and harmonize in a group, develop the voice from the consciousness of silence and see techniques of improvisation.
• There will also be global connection activities through movement and music, such as warm-ups, yoga classes or sound circles.
• Each night there will be a special concert and jam space to share with us through the music (you can bring your instrument).

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2nd Acroyoga Galicia Retreat

Where: A Casa da Terra, Antas de Ulla (Lugo)

July 31 to August 3

We have adapted the programming to make the most of the weekend and give the possibility to those who work not to miss anything, we will also add one more day for those who need an extra dose of acro. We have also developed a new training structure to optimize learning and why not everything to be trained, we will have a night of shows. Are you going to miss it?

Once again we invite all those who want to enjoy a weekend in nature and delve into the beautiful practice of the acro. Whether it's the first time you practice it as if you have experience, the workshops will be multi-level with progressions tailored to the needs of each. We have limited places to offer personalized attention and offer you a lot of coaching time one by one.

We consider the acro to be a collaborative and supportive discipline, so we want to dedicate special care to the work environment and offer you the best possible experience. What does the withdrawal include? 7 Acro Workshops / 2 Therapeutic Workshops / 3 Yoga Classes / Accommodation / All Meals / Good Vibe and Lots of Laughter.

The profess: Toni Schonenberger and Elaine Pereira

Accommodation: 3 types of accommodation, private cabin (limited), hostel and shop/furgo.

Price: from 230o2 days

Contact: @dragonflyacro and

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Yoga Retreat: How to Develop Your Own Individual Practice

Where: Mohernando (Guadalajara)

July 31 to August 2

Hatha Yoga, Relaxation, Pranayama, Meditation. With Vicente and Clara, two people who will take you to a state of calm and deep connection- It will be a plus to your personal practice or a reconconnection with your best qualities.

Organizes: Shanga Yoga

Price: $150 by July 10, 175 after

Contact: / T 647 657 109

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Delicious Yoga Holidays in Menorca

Where: Casa Binialaya, Alaior, Menorca

August 1-7 and August 9-15

With Laura Ruiz and Diego Tello. This summer we return to our beloved island of Menorca with two yoga retreats in August!

Menorca is one of the best preserved natural treasures of the Balearic Islands, a true paradise of light, calm and nature blessed by incredible beaches and coves of turquoise waters, many unspoiled landscapes, a network of trails that record the whole island, a unique heritage of monumental cities and prehistoric monuments and a clean and clean air that invites tranquility and rest.

Menorca is one of the few places in the Mediterranean that has managed to preserve much of its nature intact, finding a good balance between tourism and respect for its natural legacy. Also in August we find clean and un crowded beaches, moderate traffic and a peace that is felt and breathed.

We stayed in a beautiful country house in the center of the island, in the municipality of Alaior, near iconic beaches such as Macarella or cove in Turqueta, unspoilt spaces such as the natural park of s'Albufera des Grau, and charming villages such as Binibeca, Fornells, Maó or Ciutadella.

A week of vacation doing what you like, putting a point on your body and your mind with yoga and meditation, in a healthy, conscious and fun environment, visiting the island at your air or in shared cars, sharing the experience with new friends and nourishing you from rich food for body and soul.

The proposal is open to all, whether they are practices sporadically or regularly, or if you have just started the adventure of yoga.

Choose your week in August, and come and enjoy paradise!

Contact: / T 656 68 29 25

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Yoga in the Pyrenees

Where: Ordino Valley - Andorran Pyrenees

August 1-7 and August 7-13

The Ordino Valley, of great natural beauty, is located northwest of Andorra, the country of the Pyrenees. The yoga course will be held at the Babot Hotel at 1,600 m altitude, in a unique location surrounded by nature and with exceptional panoramic views. Its location, privileged by its surroundings, offers us a family, quiet and cozy place ideal for practicing yoga in summer and being able to enjoy pleasant walks, excursions and the possibility to visit the Natural Park of Sorteny, a landscape and botanical place of interest.

The hotel has a spacious room facing the mountains, gardens, a pleasant spa and outdoor pool. Andorra also puts at our fingertips the benefits of thermal water in the spa of Caldea. The comforting shade of the trees, the splendid views of the valley, the silence and tranquility, have turned this natural environment into an oasis of peace where we can immerse ourselves to rest, renew your energies and rediscover physical and mental harmony.

Organizes: Darshana Integrative Yoga School

Taught: Gemma Vidal and Juan José Enrique (yoga teachers and psychologists with more than 20 years of experience)

Contact: T 606 282 066 /

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Summer retreat 'Brisa, sea, yoga and nature'

Where: Algarve, Portugal

August 2-7

Now more than ever, we feel that spending a few days breathing sea breeze, stargazing, healthy feeding and swimming on lonely beaches, coupled with a regular and sincere practice of yoga and meditation, can restore to our system the balance and harmony it needs.

This retreat is open to anyone who wants to experience the benefits of yoga, relaxation and simplicity in their life, regardless of their previous experience. We will take care of everyone carefully, so that the practice adapts to your moment and your body responds with lightness and gratitude.

The program combines yoga, meditation, relaxation, conscious breathing and mantra classes, with daily walking outings and discovering the islands of the southeast of the Algarve and its silent beaches.

Each day includes: Yoga for everyone: practice of asanas to revitalize, strengthen and empower your body. Hatha and vinyasa yoga classes in the morning and yin and Sama yoga in the afternoon. / Guided meditation. / Conscious breathing or pranayama to bring clarity to your mind. / Relaxation practices and energy therapy. / Discover the most natural coast of the Algarve. Departures to nearby beaches, away from mass tourism, including the islands between Tavira and Faro (3 departures)

Taught: Paloma Dorado and Pepa Garrido

Organizes: Shama Retreats

Prices: from $590 all-inclusive. Discount for the first 8 places until July 15

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Yoga Retreat: The Yoga-Sutra in times of change and transformation

Where: House of Telares, Válor, Alpujarras, Granada

Sunday, August 2-9

Teacher: Carmen Viejo Heredero (Ahimsa)

A week of practice that we will use to study the essential aspects of the Yoga-Sutra, for a deep and understanding approach to yogic practice and its ability to protect ourselves and transform us into a time of crisis like the one we live in.

Reservations: / T 620 549 192

Online retreat with Swami Satyananda Sarasawti: 'Devi Gita', the teaching of the Goddess

August 2-10

The retreat will consist of 8 days of online teaching with Swami Satyananda Saraswati about the Devi Gita. In this text it is the Great Goddess who gives us the teaching of yoga, bhakti, tantra and jñana through a precious dialogue that combines all the wisdom of advaita (non-duality) with devotion to divinity.

Swami Satyananda Saraswati will guide us through this deep text to lead us to understanding the Goddess as the supreme cause of manifestation, discovering its mythology, the qualities of the spiritual aspirant and the practices necessary to achieve liberation.

In this online retreat we will enjoy Swamiji's teaching, in the morning and afternoon, of mantra singing, meditation and a practice of daily hatha yoga.

Contact: / T 670 579 973 (Anna)

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Mindfulness and Hiking Holidays in The Aran Valley

Where: Lerida Pyrenees

August 3-9

-Mindfulness session 90 minutes: we'll start in the morning with a Mindfulness session

-Hiking: the environment we stayed in is spectacular, it is a paradise!

-Friendly Yoga Session 90 minutes: in the afternoon, before dinner, we will enjoy a Friendly Yoga session in which we will take care with exquisite attention the flexibility and body strength.

-And we will have moments to do whatever we want, rest, moments of talk, reading, we can sunbathe by the pool, walk... The intention is that you feel free and at ease.

Taught by Cristina Erice. I am a lover of this discipline, I have practiced it for 15 years and I love being able to share it with you. I am specialized in teaching mindfulness training courses in companies and schools. Trained in Mindfulness MBSR by the Center for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts and Brown University. Trained in CCT Compassion by Stanford University. Professor of Yoga Degree in India by International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre. Degree in Advertising from the Complutense University of Madrid. Experience of 30 years working in advertising multinationals and in the media.

Contact: T 629 507 265 /

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Spiritual retreat in Mallorca

Where: Cala Morlanda – Manacor (Mallorca)

5-9 August 2020

Sunrise, Meditation, Integral Yoga, Mindfulness Exercises, Body Expression Dynamics, Nidra Yoga. Hiking in conscious meditation, we will embrace trees from Taoist philosophy. Introduction to Natural Law, Harmonic Rides & Singing, Bio-Breathing and more!

Contact: T 622154315 / /

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Retreat 'The Heart Way'

Where: Lobos River Canyon (Soria)

August 7-9

A spiritual retreat in a very special and magical place, the Lobos River Canyon, considered the heart chakra of the peninsula and one of the most sacred and powerful places.

It is a path that travels slowly, in silence and with love. An inner journey at the same time exterior, in a place where the energy of the heart dwells. This year we travel the 7 kilometers path of the canyon while entering our hearts to its sacred place, where the Light of Being reigns. We walk the path of the heart with spiritual talks and practices.
. We will have a guided tour of the Templar Hermitage
. Yoga practice in the morning in the middle of Nature, with mantra singing
. We will meditate under the stars, with observation and explanation of the night sky
. Moments of silence and reflection, meditations in the heart
. Final meditation in the Hermitage, in the sacred space, the Light of Being

We will stay in the Natural Park, in your campsite, where we can enjoy a lot of tranquility and also its pool. And, most important of all: we will share a path and process of great depth to the sacred place of the heart.
Come listen to your heart, return to the body, open, breathe and fill yourself with peace... walk to the sacred place, where everything stops, in the silence of existence, to let go of everything... and allow the light of Being to shine.

Taught: Hector Lajprem (formed in numerous healing disciplines such as Sinteretics (energy and bioenergy medicine) and Kundalini Yoga. Writer, therapist and trainer in Bioenergy and Sacred Geometry, Yoga and Meditation instructor, creator of the self-healing program "Rebirth to Be") and Nuria Alonso (licensed in psychology, dedicating heed in the last 16 years to therapy and energy and spiritual healing with individuals and groups. Create your own Crystal Healing system and provide Training for several years)

Price: 160o

Contact: / T 609 73 63 10

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Kundalini Yoga retreat in La Garrotxa Volcanic Park

Where: La Garrotxa Natural Park. Olot. Girona

August 7-10

Take advantage of the month of August to give yourself a few different days of vacation in the volcanic Natural Park of La Garrotxa, near Girona. We will stay in a farmhouse of the XII century with all the comforts and an outdoor pool. We will take advantage of the environment for conscious walks to volcanoes. Accommodation will be in dormitory rooms (max. 4 people). There are 2 double rooms available (reservation is recommended in advance).

Organizes: Akaljoti Yoga

Price: starting at $290 per advance booking or if you come with un@ friend @

Contact: Estelle T +34679210167

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Integral Yoga Retreat

Where: Ashram Mahashakti, Ujué. Navarra

August 8-12

With these retreats we seek to create the conditions for the participant to learn, internalize and rest. Explore and integrate the foundations of Integral Yoga and connect with the Light, the truth and the good that dwells within it. We will practice asana, pranayama, kriya and meditation in an accessible way, thus enabling an intense experience and also acquiring tools that can then be used autonomously by the assistant in your home. In addition, we will share the foundations of the Yogic philosophy that provide a support and a sense to the practical part. A theoretical-practical notebook is delivered.

Taught: Saranagati Das, principal of Mahashakti School and Mataji Rada, mahashakti school trainer

Contact: T 650 060 065

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Training instructors Yoga Nidra

Where: Alozaina Sierra de las Nieves (Malaga)

15 and 16 August

Certification program created by Jordi Colomer at Ananda Yoga Institute, a direct disciple of Swami Satyananda, introduced in the West of this precious practice, this is therefore a direct transmission course. With more than 30 promotions formed.
At the end of the course, certificate will be given.

Recommended to yoga teachers, therapists, psychologists, teachers, health staff, executives and anyone interested in this subject, without limitations of any kind. Prerequisites: None.

What is Nidra Yoga: In Sanskrit, nidra means dream, and yoga means union with being, so it is literally known as Sleep Yoga, Buddhic Dream or Yogic Dream. It is much more than an interior cleaning, it is learning not to accumulate tensions and to live situations to their fairest extent.

Contact: T 622154315 /

More information:

Retreat 'Healing Presence', with Ravi Ram

Where: Mamakilla – associació, Can Girons, 2 Santa Llogaia del Terri, Girona

August 15-20

After this long confinement, we are finally face-to-face for the first summer retreat of "Healing Presence". Let's practice Kundalini Yoga, Chi Qong, Meditation, Tantra Mantra Song, Gong Bath, Ecstatic Dance, and much more!!

The Healing Presence, the name of the system I have developed, will open us to a new paradigm: the ability to heal and heal. It is related to the evolutionary process of our soul and in it we open our hearts revealing our truth and the real connection with our interior that can show us the direction of our life from the right place, with a higher vision, less suffering and much more fullness in each of our actions, decisions, and the fruits of them will resonate much more with our authentic presence in the world , in which our gifts are the source of abundance and prosperity free of efforts thwarted by a disconnection from The Self.

Without a doubt this retreat is an opportunity to reconnect with your being and your highest purpose.


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Retreat Yoga and Biodanza Holidays on the Costa Brava

Where: Espai de l'Harmonia, Cruslles, Baix Empord (Girona)

August 15-20

These holidays are designed to make the most of this privileged environment of the Emporda and to rediscover our internal peace, having fun and relaxing at the same time. We will practice Kundalini and Hatha yoga, meditation and biodanza to balance and harmonize the body and mind and to dance life.

We will visit the coves of the Costa Brava and some emblematic places of the area.

Kundalini and Hatha yoga: These two styles of yoga have a lot in common, in both combine asanas and breathing, the two aim to increase awareness and flexibility, decrease stress, and achieve the union between body, emotion, mind and spirit. They also have characteristics that differentiate them.

Kundalini focuses on the energy that we all possess inside to wake it up and flow in a balanced way. Hatha seeks to improve physical and mental focus, as it requires you to pay constant attention to breathing and to be aware of each posture.

Biodanza: It is a very simple and rewarding activity that enhances the joy of living through music, movement, play and encounter, providing conditions for each person to experience healthier ways of living and relating to himself and others.

Taught: Lisa Howe and Mar Anton.

Price: 530 euros, 480 euros for advance registrations, made before July 30. The price includes: full course + full board accommodation in dormitories with vegan energy food + transportation costs and accompaniment for excursions.

Reservations: Sea -

Covid19 report: in this meeting will take all the hygiene and safety measures recommended by the Generalitat de Catalunya, both capacity, in the house and in the activities.

More information:

Meditation retreat

Where: Ashram Mahashakti, Ujué. Navarra

August 19-23

In this five-day retreat meditation is the preferred way. We will start by practicing with tools of concentration and work with anchors of attention, culminating with meditative dynamics of mindfulness. This retreat can be indicated for anyone who wants to integrate a complete meditative practice and also for Yoga or Mindfulness teachers who want to expand their meditative experience and acquire new tools.

In this retreat, although meditation is the main dish, we will also practice asana, pranayama and kriya in an accessible way, thus enabling an intense experience and also acquiring some tools that can then be used autonomously by the assistant in your home. We will also share the foundations of yogic philosophy that provide a support and a sense to the practical part. A theoretical-practical notebook is delivered.

Taught: Saranagati Das, principal of Mahashakti School

Contact: T 650 060 065

More information:

Yoga, nature and sea in Menorca

Where: Menorca

August 20-26, 2020

Menorca es una isla paradisíaca con aguas turquesas, calas perdidas y espacios talayotícos. Los primeros vestigios humanos datan de 2500-2100 años a.C.

We will have Yoga, a lot of nature, peace, meditations, rest... And more.

Accommodation in Alternative Center and Ecological Space Terra d'Angels

Price: 580 euros (7 days, 6 nights)

Contact: 605096735 //

More information:

Summer Retreat for Women: The Yoga of Compassion

Where: Mount Kolitza-Biscay

August 21-25

With Ana Muñoz & Eva Klimberg. A very balanced combination of personal practice and a caress for the soul...

More information:

Retreat in the nature of the Sierra de la Garrotxa

Where: Very close to Costa Brava - Girona

August 21-23

Hatha Yoga - Mindfulness - Meditation - Forest Bath

Being confined during these months, has brought all kinds of emotions in a very short time. One of the vital needs of the human being is to go out and share, walk and be in touch with nature, enjoy and simply feel good. If we do not give the body what it asks for and needs, our thoughts and emotions can come to govern our minds and fall into a roller coaster of emotions that can despair us.

We invite you to leave this moment to return to the natural balance of connection and calm with yourself surrounded by a company and healthy environment. Practice hatha yoga and meditate in a unique environment while breathing the fresh air and feeding on healthy and energizing food.

Join the Yoginzen community and join the hundreds of people who have already achieved that calm. With the quality of being backed by the agency Trekking and Adventure CICMA1038 and the seal Clean Accomodation against the Covit19.

Taught: Jenifer Humanes by Yoginzen

Reservations: / T +34644 436 734

More information:

Summer Retreat for Women 'The Yoga of Compassion'

Where: Almularra, Bizkaia

August 21-25

With Ana Muñoz & Eva Klimberg. Training the possibility of returning to the present moment is a way to return to our true home and live our lives more fully. The beauty of the natural environment, the warmth and elegance of Amalurra, as well as its care and services will be a way to take care of us, pamper ourselves.

Awaken your potentials, purify your body and mind. Develop self-pity to find in you your own emotional support. Create the balance to inhabit that place in you from which you can dream, place boundaries, express your needs and opinions in an assertive and kind way, and find determination to realize your deepest yearnings and purposes. To feel the support of the women's network and move from competition to solidarity.

It will be 5 days of retreat at the foot of Mount Kolitza, where through the practice of deep yoga, mindfulness and compassion and biodanza, we go to the embrace of our essential nature.

One of the pathways will be the purification of the body and mind to which we will open up through the practice of asanas, pranayamas and meditation with mantras, as well as thanks to the effects of a balanced and free vegan diet. Another way will be the cultivation of a friendly presence in us, through the practice of Yoga, Mindfulness and Compassion. There will be moments of silence and meditative practice in contact with Nature.

On the other hand, through ancient Vedic rituals and the practice of Biodanza we open ourselves to the rite as a transformative and psychomagic act, which evokes in us the courage and love necessary to be responsible for our own personal destiny and, therefore, the destiny of the planet.

Prices: from 467o before August 1st, depending on the room.

Reservations: Ana 647 257 313 /

More information:

Yoga, dance and mantra retreat

Where: Ashram Mahashakti, Ujué. Navarra

August 24-28

Five-day retreat where the real purpose is to facilitate connection with our hearts through Yoga and Dance techniques. Hatha Yoga, Meditation, Dance and voice exercises are the main tools we will use. These dynamics will help us to free the mind from the racking of thoughts, to recognize and pacify emotions giving rise to an internal state of greater balance and silence.

Taught: Anandamaji and Lierni, Mahashakti School Trainers

Contact: T 650 060 065

More information:

Yoga and Nature Retreat

Where: Wellness School The House of Marina. Zabala Bekoa farmhouse. Bernagoitia Amorebieta, Bizkaia

August 27-31

Hatha yoga, pranayama, mantras and dynamic and static meditation. A few days to start or deepen the practice of yoga and make the most of contact with nature and silence. We invite you to drop into a safe environment of active rest and healing.

Open to both beginners and advanced yoga practitioners and all those interested in observing themselves and getting to know each other a little better. We will place special emphasis on conscious breathing, the connection with the here and now, stop the internal noise of the mind, integrating different tools such as conscious dances, visualizations, relaxations. Give yourself some time and a space to disconnect from the routine and make a journey into your interior in the middle of nature.

Reservations: / T652776472

Prices: $365 (if you sign up before August 1).

More information:

Kundalini Yoga & Beach Retreat in Cullera

Where: Cullera, Valencia

August 28-30

If you like yoga and the beach, this retreat is for you! When summer ends, it's the right time to spend the time you need and relax before you return to school. For a full weekend, we offer daily Kundalini Yoga classes, meditation, we will learn breathing techniques and best of all, you will have time to bathe and enjoy the beach.

We have found a fabulous place 3 minutes walk from the beach so you can enjoy your favorite passions at once. Accommodation is in double and single rooms. There's a chance of camping. There are very few places, so it is advisable to book in advance to secure your place.

Organizes: Akaljoti Yoga

Price: From 190 euros in camping, 245 euros per person in double room

Contact: Request the full program by email: Estelle T +34679210167

More information:

Yoga retreat and all 5 elements

Where: Suesa Monastery, Cantabria

August 31 to September 6

Proposal specially designed for those interested in spending a week of quiet holidays practicing yoga and meditation and who want to approach the world of retreats in a gradual way.

During this week we will teach yoga and meditation classes both in the morning and evening and the rest of the time will be free. The theme of the classes will revolve around working with the 5 elements, from the perspective of yoga but also including aspects typical of the Tibetan tradition. The classes will be taught by Deborah Altit, yoga and meditation teacher and body psychotherapist (

The chosen location, in the Monastery of Suesa, in Cantabria, in the middle of nature, will allow you both to spend the day in the monastery, if you wish, or walk around the surroundings, and to go to the beach (the nearest one is 3.3km) to make excursions by boat or the surroundings or make some getaway to nearby places like Santander (it is possible to go and return in the day).

Prices: (includes classes, and full board accommodation in single room) 560 euros by booking before June 30, 610 euros if you book in July and 660 euros by booking in August.

More information:


Kundalini Yoga & Gong retreat in Gredos

Where: Sierra de Gredos, Avila

September 2-6

Connect with your Essential Being, experiencing your Body, Mind, and Soul. The proposal of this retreat is to take a few days of connection and rest through Kundalini Yoga, the magical sound of Gong, restorative contact with nature and quality time for you mism@.

Get out of the usual rhythm of your life, giving you the time and space to dedicate yourself to you, to find yourself in your center, in a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere.

Understanding, experiencing and having your own depth of each facet will give you a holistic view of mism@, which will offer you a panorama about you, as a human being seeking happiness and a fulfilled life.

More information:

Yoga Retreat in Cabo de Gata

Where: Cape Gata Natural Park

September 2-6

Yoga at the foot of the sea in the natural park of Cabo de Gata, in Almería, one of the few semi-virgin spaces of the Spanish coast.

You will get up watching the sea listening to the waves, practice yoga and meditation every morning and every afternoon, you will enjoy delicious gastronomy, you can bathe on the beach or in the infinite pool of the accommodation in exclusivity for the retreat, connect with you and with the rest of the group, you will live, letter by letter, at your pace.

We will make it an unforgettable experience. You'll spend the top five days you remember.

The Yoga and Meditation Retreat will be held in villa Singular, an exclusive villa in the heart of the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata, Níjar. Each of the suites that make up the villa are extraordinarily spacious, bright and with a careful design. Comfort and quality are perceived in every detail and in every corner for a perfect stay.

Includes: 5 days, 4 nights in Villa Singular, 4 breakfasts, 7 yoga classes: Yin, Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Hatha, 1 Ashtanga Workshop, 4 guided meditations, 1 Gong sound bath concerto

Investment: EUR 575 (shared double room). Soon payment by June 30th: 550

Contact: – T 606 53 54 68 – 646 87 96 28 / Ig:

More information:

Maresia Integrative Mindfulness Retreat

Where: Cabo de Palos (Cartagena-Murcia)

September 10-13

A few days of learning and rest on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, specifically in a space next to Levante Beach in Cabo de Palos (Cartagena-Murcia). In our intention is to be able to offer you a comprehensive vision of conscious practices for the care of the body, mind and food that nourishes body and mind. How?

  • -Through Conscious Movements, we will wake up and activate the body in the mornings.
  • -We will learn sequences of "Healthy Back" exercises to take care of our postural hygiene, mitigating the pains and discomfort that may be causing us stress, physical and mental situations.
  • -Practices of attention, concentration and self-care through mindfulness meditation.
  • -Nutrition workshop and healthy eating, with recipes for you to take home and you can start doing for yourself mismx.
  • -Art Therapy and Musician Therapy with live music.
  • -Walks along the beach and the wonderful natural environment that surrounds Cabo de Palos.
    -Time to do nothing and rest.

More information:

Yoga sailing trip around Ibiza and Formentera

Where: from Port of Burriana to Ibiza and Formentera

September 11-17

Sailing along inaccessible coves and long paradisiacal sandy beaches. We will take advantage of the best surprises of the islands by kayaking, snorkeling and practicing yoga while living an authentic Mediterranean adventure.
In addition, there will be an opportunity to perform a diving baptism for the more adventurous.

Whenever possible, two yoga sessions will be held per day. In the mornings we will perform a practice to awaken the body and in the afternoons a practice of yoga and meditation softer.

Price: 950o per passenger. 7 seats available.

More information:

Magical Yoga and Nature Holidays in Ibiza

Where: Can Lotus, Cala San Vicente, Ibiza

September 12-18

6th edition! With Laura Ruiz and Diego Tello

We invite you to spend a magical week of vacation in Ibiza, the most charismatic island of the Balearic Islands, doing what you like the most, yoga! This year is ideal to visit the island, Ibiza is exceptionally
wonderful, clean and quiet. It is great to enjoy a high season with so few tourists and to be able to visit emblematic places without crowds.

We offer you a program with a good balance between organized activities and free time to explore the variety and beauty of its beaches, villages and corners at your leisure or in group, in shared cars.

Vinyasa dynamic yoga to wake up, yin yoga and gentle yoga in the afternoon, daily outdoor meditations, nidra yoga, yoga and body expression workshops, nature practice tours, delicious and creative vegetarian food... all in a familiar, healthy and fun environment.

We will stay in an authentic Ibizan farmhouse in the countryside to the north of the island, among pine forests and overlooking the sea. You can walk to the beach and it is a short drive from the emblematic beach of Benirrás and idyllic corners such as Port de Ses Caletes.

Diego and I live on the island and we will tell you some secrets, because yes, there are still unrecovered places where you can seek refuge... 7 days to forget about daily obligations and charge batteries thanks to the powerful energy of Ibiza, a community of like-minded people with which to share and make friends, movement-medicine, and rich food for body and soul.

The proposal is open to everyone, whether you practice sporadically or regularly, or if you have just started the yoga adventure.

Reservations: / T 656 68 29 25

More info:

Yoga Retreat 'Disconnect from Day to Day, Connect with Your Well-Being'

Where: Hotel Rural El Mirlo Blanco, Candeleda (Avila)

September 18-20

In contact with nature in the unique environment that includes Yoga (see online yoga website :, Meditation, Personal Growth Exercises, Conscious Breathing, Mantras, Walks in contact with nature and silence. Objective: To work body, mind, emotion and spirit in an integral way.

Activities for: Connect with ourselves / Connect with physical body and subtle body, in a space where the mind can relax / Listen to the inner voice, in an ideal space for personal transformation.

Price: 285 euros if you book before August 20, 300 euros bookings from 21 August. Shared accommodation (rooms for 2 people with own bathroom). Supplement of 40 euros in individual room. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. All activities: yoga, meditations, workshops give personal growth and others.

Contact and reservations: Washapp 676 596 955

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