Ahimsa, non-violence, in everyday life

Although it may seem the opposite, when one enters the real India he sees that he really ahimsa impregnates every molecule in that atmosphere as what it is: a pure thought inspired by universal love, in the communion of Being with all that surrounds it. Maheshwari writes.

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Morphologically himsa means "wanting to kill, wanting to hurt." So, ahimsa is the renunciation of any death or harm caused by violence or even the same intention to do so. Ahimsa is the opposite of selfishness; it's absolute altruism and love. It's a righteous action in a pure mind, clean of ego.

And what is ego?

It is the ego that unswedenes, betrays and establishes anarchy within this unfortunate suffering humanity. Selfishness, betrayal and lack of brotherhood have divided humanity. The "I" was created by our own mind and will cease to exist when we have fully understood it at all levels of the mind. It is only through righteous action, righteous meditation, righteous will, righteous way to earn a living, righteous effort, and righteous memory that we can dissolve the "I", if we really want revolution in depth.

When we become aware of our ego, many of us settle in thinking, "I am like this", referring to personality, to that energy that is born during childhood through habits, customs, ideas, etc., and that is strengthened by the experiences of life. Therefore, both personality and "I" must disintegrate.

The "I" uses personality as an instrument of action. Therefore, personalism is a mixture of ego and personality. The cult of personality was invented by the "I". In fact, personalism begets selfishness, hatred, violence, etc. Ahimsa rejects all this. Ahimsa is nonviolence in thought, word and deed. It is respect for the ideas of others, respect for all religions, schools, sects, organizations, etc.

Remember that ego makes a new personality every time it rejoins (returns to a new body). Therefore, each person is different in each new realization.

Let's distinguish between the Being of "I"

Today's human being has only the "I"; is an entity that is not yet complete. It is urgent to receive the Being; it is necessary to know that the Being is unlimited happiness.

It is absurd to affirm that the Self is the "higher self", the "divine self", etc. The taste of being is much better than that of the "I", than that of the ego, because the Being is universal and cosmic. Therefore, let us not try to make the "I" divine.

Let's not expect the "I" to evolve because the "I" never perfects himself. We need a total revolution of consciousness, this is the only kind of revolution we must accept. The doctrine of ahimsa is based on the dialectic revolution, on the revolution of consciousness.

As we die from one moment to the next, harmony among human beings begins to develop slowly. As we die from one moment to the next, the sense of cooperation replaces the sense of competition. As we die from one moment to the next, little by little goodwill replaces ill will.

Good human beings will accept ahimsa. It is impossible to initiate a new order in our psyche while excluding the doctrine of nonviolence.

Ahimsa should be the basis of daily life, in the office, in the factory, in the countryside, at home, on the street, etc. We must live the doctrine of nonviolence, to really contribute to a true revolution.

Ghandi said: "Non-violence is not about giving up all the real struggles against evil. Non-violence, as I conceive it, establishes a more active campaign against evil than the law of the Talion, the very nature of which results in the development of perversity. I raise mental and, consequently, moral opposition to the immoral. I try to sharpen the sword of the tyrants, not by crashing it into a better sharp steel, but by disappointing their hopes by offering no physical endurance. You will find in me a resistance of the soul that will escape its assault. First, this resistance will blind you and force you immediately to surrender. And the act of surrender will not humiliate the aggressor, but will dignify him. ".

The individual is the beginning and the end of every order of things. Therefore, if we want a radical transformation of us and this world, we need each of us to transform ourselves individually in a true and intimate way. Then we will free the mind and heart from any kind of evil, and violence. Then really the action of ahimsa will be in our Being.

With love Maheshwari (Yoga teacher).

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