What happens when a yogi gets sick?

En un vuelo de regreso de India, me tocó de compañero de viaje un doctor en medicina originario de algún país oriental. Después de las rituales presentaciones y un poco de charla, me dijo: “Si el yoga fuera tan bueno para la salud, los yoguis vivirían muchos años”. Joaquín G. Weil writes.

Yoga enferma

I spoke to him of centenarians Krishnamacharya, Patabi Joiss and the almost century-old B. N. S. and B. K. S, Iyengar...

The Carthusian monks also have a reputation for long-lived. And it is that the prayers as the pranayamas or the greeting to the Sun do not rise alterial pressure or generate stress. Yoga is clearly good for health, but what happens when a sick Yogi?

One of the temptations is to hide the disease sufferers by yoga teachers, as who sweep the dust under the carpet. The only trade that hide the disease of their backers would not yoga. This is how in politics when the aches and pains of a candidate distort electoral polls. Or in economics as when disease of a President or Director does wobble the stock index of your company.

And it recalls once again the father figure of the Gautama Buda, I wanted to hide his son the inexorable reality of disease, old age and death. Is that we are going to think that here since humanity has evolved in such a way that has already passed the illness as unavoidable condition of this life?

It is somewhat an ideal Promethean or an aupado Icarus on the wings of wax of perfect health, challenging the gods not to fly near the Sun but not suffering from any disease.

Naturopathic and homeopathic physician José Ignacio García Acosta, in its good sense of meditator, she told me that most are patients who, suffering from a serious illness, asked perplexed: "Doctor, what I am wrong? What have I done wrong? "."

The legion of followers of the Dr. Hamer they want to convince us that the disease comes from a wrong psychological attitude. Another version)R Dhalke) is the considered the disease as an enigma, Riddle or hieroglyph that we have to resolve for our spiritual evolution. With the obvious conclusion that it can be resolved in the psyche or soul, you don't need to be suffered by the body.

They are this type of ideologies which induce patients who mentioned Dr. José Ignacio García Acosta that the diseases we suffer are a mistake of some kind in our souls.

Precisely the illness and death of Wyne Dyer, exponent of the positive thinking, has made me meditate on all this. Well if there is someone that seems a priori free from unhealthy thoughts, that is or was Wyne Dyer.

Escuché en una entrevista a una de las pioneras en hipnosis regresiva, Dolores Cannon, that she not never sick because he "understood" the functioning of diseases in our being.

What happens then when a Yogi, a meditation teacher, a therapist or a specialist in alternative health or diseased natural nutrition? Do you suppose this maybe an override, a failure of its teachings or his office?

Anita Moorjani, it underwent a surprising case of spontaneous healing from a terminal cancer, gives us an interesting key: illness and die for their cause nothing remains to the natural magnificence of the human being.

Superman yogic

This in terms of the disease as a manifestation in the physical body. But in terms of mental or emotional origin, takes place much of the same. Which reminds me that yoga teacher that overwrought he will examine of the driving licence. He was so upset he pulled almost above the shift lever. The instructor asked: "But you are not yoga teacher?". "Clear, why exactly I practice yoga, because I need to calm me", answered you this.

Who wants to be a superman yogic of pristine ethics and wisdom, health and mental balance and emotional superlative, please note that there is nothing further from reality than the setting of the same.

And here a very important matter in the teaching of yoga: the best teachers of yoga are not the so-called super yoga-men or super yoga-women. The best teachers of yoga and meditation are those who have faced and are facing difficulties and remain with everything in practice and teaching.

The life of the great masters is itself a teaching in each one of their adventures. Buddha, with his death because of a poisoning with pork, taught us that death and disease are not a failure but a condition of human life on Earth.

Obviously that meat, and in particular pork, is not good for our health or that of the planet. That is clear. Does not need that the reader believe it or that you convince with data scientific or statistical; just that you appreciate the difference from practicing yoga after tea with fruit or conversely with a pork sandwich.

More than the chemical additives or unclassifiable fats that serve the same to fry a chicken than to grease a truck, the most determining factor is the mental attitude to be swallows a gachupeta industrial, very different from the reverence that deserve quiet vegetables from an organic garden, quiet kitchen of a Zen Temple or your own home.

And within the mental attitudes, the Basic is love for oneself. Not to make the mistake of the self-reliance, as if being athletic, young, successful, handsome and perfectly serene and healthy was the only thing that gave us the right to be loved by others and oneself. But it is also a self-esteem to not bear the yoke of multiple physical and mental discomfort does not that no choice but to the anxiolytic, the anti-inflammatory and protective stomach.

The attitude of search that leads to yoga is already in advance true yoga, union and love with one and all. That is of itself a good factor of health and excellent medicine. But we can neither erupts to the gods and saints of the pedestals to stand us up. We accept with humility the immense strength and greatness of a universe whose nature, essence and limits unknown... beginning by acknowledging how little still we know ourselves.

Joaquín García Weil (photo: Vito Ruiz)

Joaquín García Weil He graduated in philosophy, yoga teacher and Yoga room Málaga director. Practice Yoga for 20 years and teaches it since makes eleven. He is a student of Swami Rudradev (leading disciple of Iyengar), with whom he has learned in Yoga Study Center, Rishikesh, India. He has also studied with Dr. Vagish Sastri de Benarés, among other masters. More information: http://yogasala.blogspot.com https://www.facebook.com/yogasala.malaga

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