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The purpose of cleaning in the yoga exercises, known as "kriyas", is to assist nature to eliminate the waste products from the body. The Hatha Yoga Pradipika, uno de los libros clásicos del Hatha Yoga, prescribe seis kriyas (Shat Kriyas) especialmente para las personas que encuentran en su cuerpo debilidades y son flemáticas por naturaleza. Escribe Gopala.


"The expression of the spirit increases in proportion to the development of body and mind which is encapsulated. Therefore, the yoga prescribed methods that train and develop the physical body and mind. A highly trained body must be first of all strong and healthy.

"The goal of every path of yoga is teaching how to concentrate the mind, how to discover hidden facets, and how to awaken the inner spiritual powers."

Swami Vishnudevananda, in the Book of Yoga

Our bodies are continuously, expelling waste materials through various cleaning mechanisms. It is the case of kidneys, lungs and intestines, sweat glands.

Anyway, for those of us that we live in a world where the air, food and water contaminated, sometimes, these exercises of cleaning can be a blessing.

The six prescribed kriyas is in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika they are:

1 Neti - nasal cleaning

2 Nauli - cleaning and strengthening abdominal and digestive system

3 Dhauti - cleaning of upper digestive tract

4 Basti - colon cleansing

5 Kapalabhati - cleaning of the lungs and bronchi

6 Tratak - stare

All the kriyas are especially beneficial when we practice fasting. This is because accelerates the detoxification process that occurs when we forget to eat over a period of time. Practice fasting incorporating kriyas is the cure of nature for many diseases caused by toxins in the body.

Gopala es discípulo directo de Swami Vishnudevananda desde 1975, ha impartido cursos de yoga y de meditación en diversos países y en los Cursos Internacionales de formación de profesores. Es su doble condición de jurista, de un lado, y su intensa práctica del yoga y la meditación, de otro, lo que caracteriza sus conocimientos para aplicar estas disciplinas a la vida cotidiana.

Como profesor, Gopala estará presente en el nuevo Yoga Teacher Course (TTC) de Yoga Sivananda, del 3 de agosto al 1 de septiembre en Casa Toya, Aluenda (Zaragoza).

Detailed information: https://espana.sivananda.eu/curso-de-profesor-de-yoga-en-espana/

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