Mudras: Ganesha-mudra

Mudras are used to harmonize and to enter a deeper level in your meditation. Each has a specific quality that favors the practitioner. From today and onwards, every week we will offer one. This mudra is mainly used to relieve physical disorders.

Place before the chest left hand, with your palm facing out. Fold the fingers. The right hand, with the back out take the left. Place both hands close to your chest, at the same height as the heart.

With respiration, pull the hands in opposite directions, without releasing them. Tighten the muscles of the arms and the chest area. With inspiration, relaxing all the tension. Repeat 6 times and then place with affection, both hands in the same position on the sternum perceiving them in a conscious way.

Changes the position of the hands: the Palm of the right hand will look out. Repeat 6 times and then rest awhile.

It is enough that is performed once a day.

Variant: do the same thing but with forearms on diagonal, not horizontal position, so that an elbow point obliquely downward and the other up.


  • This mudra stimulates heart activity.
  • It strengthens the muscles of the heart.
  • It distends the bronchi.
  • Relieves the stresses of any kind in this area.
  • Opens the fourth chakra.
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