All life is Yoga

"All life is Yoga". With this phrase, Sri Aurobindo sat the bases of the Integral Yoga, a yoga that takes place in the midst of life, with the aim of its transformation. Integral Yoga school writes Mahashakti.

Well known are the improvements that the practice of asanas, pranayama and meditation contribute to the practitioner. In addition to these benefits, the potential of yoga is much more widely expressed when any activity of life can be exploited as an opportunity to connect with the highest that we have inside and/or with the most high of the universe.

To explore the possibilities of applying Yoga in the midst of life, we need to keep in mind when practicing the following key points:

-Cultivate the inner life It is the main objective of the practice of Yoga.

-Giving force to the ideal of the encounter and the realization of our inner truth . To the extent that it will be revealing our inner reality, we realize that the perception that we have of ourselves is almost entirely linked to our life on the outside. The encounter with our hearts gives us the experience of peace, makes us grow in love and gives us answers to existential questions. So as we begin to recognize the part of us that keeps these magnificent powers, which in the Integral Yoga we call master inside, focusing on a practice that activate this element and naturalized his expression in the midst of life.

-Use tools such as media that facilitate the connection with our inner Guide. If we practice turning tools in order to practice, we forget the real purpose of a yogic sadhana, which is connecting with our inner self and express your truth in life.

-Aspire to discover and realize the purpose of the heart. Nothing gives greater happiness and gratification that find and realize the purpose of your heart.

.. Consider that life is a laboratory for the soul. So the spiritual path and action in the world are complementary rather than opposed irreconcilable.

-Get ready to stop suffering. The cause of suffering is attachment and attachment is related to finger-pointing. Confused with affection attachment is a terrible mistake that binds us to suffering and that vertebra the darkest forms of thought, feeling and action.

-Keep in mind the evolutionary principle. This principle so we can have this in various ways: promoting an escalation in our practice, recognizing that our potential as individual is not fully expressed, also considering the possibility of evolution as a species.

-See what is beyond one's self. To the extent that we discovered our interiority brighter, we are also investigating on what is beyond us, opening us to the great forces of the universe, and allowing to be influenced by them.

-Promote a positive approach to the existence. With a practice that is more oriented to promote our resources to influence the difficulties or weaknesses even if it does not flee from them and keep them in mind relying on power to conquer them.

-Cultivate attention When we practice asanas and pranayama, and mostly of meditative practice. Attention is the vector that defines the focus of our strength and will, for us is necessary to have the power of directing attention inward.

-Apply the tools of meditation in everyday life. A continuous sitting meditation practice helps us to foster skills that we can use in the circumstances. Both tools that make us right-handers with certain skills as tools that promote openness to the truth of being and the universe, we can be useful when the circumstance occurs. There are many possible examples, among them dominion over the attention that we achieved with meditation and the possibilities offered by this domain at the time of the action and also to relate to our internal content.

-Practice with patience and constancy. Although the practice on the mat is not the ultimate goal of Yoga, it gives us the conditions so this goal will giving, so we will need a well structured and constant practice that is consistent with the time that we live.

In any case the most important thing in the Integral Yoga is the experience, It is not enough to know what to do, we also have to put it into practice. In practice, before certain inertia we must promote an effort, but above all, if we want transformation, it is necessary that aspire to this, look at the possibility and let that you occur. Every occasion is valuable to advance the ideal of "Heaven down to Earth".

Integral Yoga school Mahashakti It is a project that has, among other objectives, exposing and developing the bases of the Integral Yoga. Inspired by the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and the yogic experience of Saranagatidas, We offer a live Yoga without stiffness or dogmas, serving as last instructor master each carry within ourselves, which promotes spiritual encounters with life in the midst of life, being the main base of our Yoga this fusion. We offer this teaching to promote training courses for teachers of Yoga, retreats, masters, classes and activities.

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