Course of Sanskrit, the language of the gods

The Sanskrit contributes to progress towards the realization of the self. Know him more closely in an accessible a weekend dip can be a great idea. You will learn a few "secrets" in this course of introduction to Sanskrit.

The universe has a soundproof original vibration represented by the OM.
The sound of the universe comes from the silence.
The human being is a reflection of the universe.
Enter the vibration of mantras leads the mind to a State of profound silence,
free fluctuations of thoughts.
It's like vacuuming in a messy mind.
Everything is clean,
and in silence.

The Sanskrit with its symbolism of language of the gods, can be used in yoga for the spiritual practice, sadhana, and contributes to progress towards the realization of the self. The recitation of mantras in Sanskrit develops a subtle form of consciousness. It is a process of sound in which the mind is absorbed and not to allow any other thought, favoring deep States of concentration.

The Sanskrit alphabet symbolizes the original vibrations that comprise the elements of the universe and the awareness of vibration causing in our cuerpo-instrumento carry the mind back to its origin.

The first information about Sanskrit, as in all teaching, has to be understood by the intellect, then by the senses, and only when you have implemented and mastered this information into the subconscious is when you can retrieve it and use it almost instinctively. Repeat a mantra is no longer a pure imitation of a sound to make way for a creative and energetic sensitivity and emotion.

There are very practical aspects in learning:

  • the position of the mouth
  • the place where the sound is produced (is like doing asanas with the mouth and the tongue)
  • awareness of the gesture
  • the body posture
  • breathing

And when all this is and it works... eventually are produced States concentration with a large load of prana, of life, of freedom. It is peace of mind lost in the sound.

Each object, visible or invisible, has its own vibration and light, its energy.

The universe has a soundproof original vibration (not just imagine it with our mind), represented by the OM.

Would you like to learn the rudiments of Sanskrit?

Intensive course of introduction to Sanskrit, Yoga Sivananda Centre

It teaches: Lakshmi

When: Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 from January 2018 10:00 h to 21:00 h

Special for teachers and students of yoga.

The weekend program includes four kinds of Sanskrit's hour and a half, four kinds of yoga, two satsang (meditation group) and food.

  • Saturday 13: 1st class
    10.00-12.00 h. Presentation of the programme of the course, introduction to Sanskrit and devanagari. Structure of the full alphabet. Study of the vowels and their abbreviations. Transliteration. Writing of vowels.
  • Saturday 13: 2nd class
    15.00-17.00 h. Review of vowels. Reading of vowels within best known mantras. Presentation of the consonants according to their structure, pronunciation. Writing of consonants. Different systems of transliteration
  • Sunday 14: 3rd class
    10.00-12.00 h. Review of vowels and consonants. Recognition of the letters within words. Exercises for writing mantras and words. Reading of mantras with pronunciation exercises. Exercises control of breathing and singing with Cd's.
  • Sunday 14: 4th class
    15.00-17.00 h. Introduction to the letter combinations: consonants and vowels; consonants and semivowels, two consonants. Most frequent combinations. Rules and exercises to write Devanagari. Signs of writing (score, ringtones, etc.)

Recommended for all those who want to know the literary language of the classic writings of the India.

If you live in Madrid you can join the program at the time that you can. If you live outside Madrid you have possibility of simple accommodation in the Sivananda Center.

Suggested donation: €60 (€50 partners, unemployed and students)

Registration by email: or phone: 913615150. Call us for any questions.

Centro de Yoga Sivananda Vedanta. C / Eraso, 4 28028 Madrid. Tel.: 91 361 51 50 - Fax: 91 361 51 94 |

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