4 Yogis on the cover of 'Sgt. Peppers'

How and why have they gone to land four Yogis on the cover of the best album of all time? A preview of where the shots are going: the first side of the top row of characters on the cover of the Sgt. Peppers It is a famous Yogi, and other gurus are out there. Where, where? How, how? Tranquis, tranquis... We will by parties as Jack the Ripper. Type Nomastes.

... We're going the most obvious to the most mysterious.

I guess that they will sound you images of the Beatles in India, since they are part of the classical beatlemaniaca imagery. There are photos by a tube of your trip to India. There they were to learn transcendental meditation in 1968 to Rishikesh.

But the thing comes back, and we are going to pull this thread.

George was the battering ram approach to "Indian" for the rest of The Beatles. In 66, while "given a break" each one with their topics, George decided to go to India to learn to play the sitar with Ravi Shankar.

In principle it would only take music classes, but after so many hours sitting sitar, began it to hurt the English and Ravi made improvised teacher to teach him some physical exercises.

When George returned from India brought a few things more than a few sitar lessons. Although not dressed in Orange neither gave jumps, if deeply committed and supported the creation of a Center worshipers of Krishna in LOndres whose leader was Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

A lot of faces and a few Yogis

We already know well why the Beatles, and especially George, knew not only wisdom, the music but also the practices of the Kriya yoga. Let's see how to put that little love and respect by yoga on the cover of the Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, the best album of all time.

The most innovative history home

Designers Jann Haworth and Peter Blake they wanted that the cover was a creative collage and told each Beatle to choose X personalities.

Aside from the aesthetic design, the functional modernez, the edition was also groundbreaking: was the first time in the history of music that is printed the complete lyrics of the songs along with the album. (We have the movie of David Trueba Living is easy with eyes closed that has the idea it was to John a teacher that students learn English.

George chose four characters, but who were?

By order chronological reverse:

Sri Paramahansa Yogananda: We find it there under Bob Dylan.

Despite being the last to be born was the most famous. And all because he wrote Autobiography of a Yogi. The writing always has been a puntazo and this book was the key.

Yogananda did all that was in his hand to extend their knowledge of Yoga: He founded a school their land, and in the 1920s was to the United States as a delegate representative of India in the Liberal Congress of the Religion. He also founded the society Self-realization Fellowship (SRF) and he gave lectures for several years by the region of the East coast of the United States.

Sri Yukteswar Giri: The 1! Yes, Yes, this is the famous Yogi that starts the top row!

Author of the book translated into the Spanish as The Holy Science He had telepathy and the gift of ubiquity. He was teacher of Yogananda. It was given to Yogananda to extend Yoga by the West.

Sri Lahiri Mahasaya: To the left of Lewis Carroll.

He was disciple of the "great Avatar" and Yukteswar Giri. He was a military engineer of the British Government in India. He is considered the father of Kriya Yoga. Remarkable is that the good man was kind to somebody, no matter the breed to which they belonged (thing rare in India society).

Sri Mahavatar Babaji:

They called him the "great Avatar", and said it was a fully enlightened being. Master of Lahiri Mahasaya.

Well, as you can see all they belonged to a lineage of masters. George had contact with its history and role in the diffusion of yoga through Autobiography of a Yogi, where is tells the story of Yogananda.

About Autobiography of Yogi

It is said that Steve Jobs read this book once a year and even gave a copy packaged in a brown box to each of those attending his funeral.

The own George also gave a copy to each of the friends who came asking for advice. The Museum of Liverpool has a signed copy that attests to this. And how, I have a photo of last summer to witness it.

If you are who prefers to see the stories, there are movie that has something of the book: is called Awake. It is also possible get free copies from the page of the Ananda Sangha Association.

And well... I think that the mystery has been revealed, isn't it? You know how the Beatles made their particular tribute to the wisdom of the Yoga a few decades ago.

You can read an extended version of this article for many more details and references on the blog at: "The mysterious case of the Yogi of the yellow layer: the Beatles and Yoga"

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