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Symbols beyond the concept and tend a bridge between the world of the subconscious and the conscious, something like a fishing rod that allows rescue contents that input, are not detectable because they are below the waterline. Together with the symbol, we dive and often find treasures that we later to the surface, in the light of the day. Writes this new section Julián Peragón (Arjuna).

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The symbols do not have a value in themselves; they are useful for making it light up within a particular worldview. A tribal mask in the showcase of an Ethnological Museum is just an empty shell, but that same mask in its context, in the middle of the dance, shamanic trance, acquires its full meaning.

We symbolize the world to make it human, to be able to digest it, to handle it with only two hands. We have symbolic capacity because our deep mind work with images: we dream images, we also fantasize with images. For this reason, but ignore it, the symbol is able to launch probes to the layers more profound than we are. The symbol complete our learning process and flooded us, like a wave, content and more content, each more and more unfathomable. Not to be confused with signs symbols. Signs point out, while symbols evoke, those are anchored to the object they represent while they fly, establishing links with other objects and realities. The traffic light red does not give rise to doubt: you have to stop, but picture red can lead us to the passion or the war, courage or love.

A symbol is a shortcut for the memory, the staff but also the collective. If we are sensitive enough, it is a key to open an archetypal world, where our soul unfolds his heroic battles. The symbols are part of the language of the unconscious and we have to learn how to decode them.

When we say that we have to learn to meditate as a wave, we rescue the fluidity of the wave, the rhythm, the apparent separation of the ocean and its onslaught. The wave reminds us of our individuality but also an invitation to the depth, once assumed as part of the immensity of the sea.

Visualize the wave to follow this symbol helps us to connect with our breathing and your spontaneity, because we have all been in front of the sea hours and hours ensimismados by the wave that goes and comes, alien to any trouble, reckless with rock, playful before the foam. The wave is out, but the symbol acts inside symbol allows a transition to an unknown dimension. The symbol leaves us on the brink of the abyss. Now, we only have to jump.

We chose Ray as the image of the intuition, the firmament as the image of the infinity or the ripe fruit as the image of the inner detachment. We envision symbols, but we are actually interested in the wise qualities, those that help us to overcome the stubbornness of the ego. To represent the celebration before the life, I choose the bird that sings each morning, but could also choose a tribal dance. I repeat, the important symbol is what this light, and not so much the symbol itself. We bet for creativity in this area.

Any symbol can be fruitful, but tradition warns us to choose one that does not cause rejection or desire. Do not let that our emotions or our preferences; interfere Let us be fair. But we do not exaggerate, because either it will be a symbol that we are completely indifferent. We want to choose a symbolic stand which has a high power of evocation, which build bridges of meanings, to avoid ambiguity and to open the door of astonishment. The table is served.

This new section of 21 meditations opens that Julian Paregon (Arjuna) It has included in his latest book The synthesis of Yoga. The 8 steps of the practice. Acanthus publishing.

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