Books / genuine happiness. Meditation as a way to eudemonia, by Alan Wallace

The Buddha taught dozens of techniques to improve, stabilize and clarify the attention. One in particular is particularly suitable for people highly discursive, conceptual, imaginative and mentally habladora: collection, translated from Sanskrit into English as mindfulness. Published by: Publishing Eleftheria. PRICE: 23 euros

The Dr. Wallace, After forty years studying and practicing Buddhism, trained under the guidance of sixty teachers of East and West, shares in this valuable book, in addition to the collection, the basic meditations for a path to inner realization and human flourishing. The eudemonia proposed by the author is a happiness that is not acquired through outside conquest of nature or of the acquisition of wealth and fame, but through the conquest of our interior obscurations and realization of natural resources inherent in our hearts and minds.

We are a practical book and easy to understand, in which the reader slowly advancing and deepening in the different techniques that arise in a simple and very effective.

Of this book Jon Kabat-Zinn He said: "this book will give to anyone interested in the spectrum of basic meditative practices derived from the Buddhist tradition, but in essence universal, the most profound perspectives on what is possible for us as human beings, as well as an excellent orientation on essential attitudes tested by time and practice to upgrade our ability to innate wisdom ", compassion and well-being, here and now."

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