Arcane No. 17: Ardha bhujangasana, Star

Arcane 17, Star announces that we have never been alone, gives guidelines not to get lost in transit night, brings the water that still thirst for spiritual ignorance, made everyone a valuable and all living beings be a planetary family , and provides the ability to remedy the evils lurking in every age. Carmen old writes.

Keyword: 'Hope'

"If I find the star that I lead, I would put it deep inside my chest and venerated, if I found the star that I flashes on the road." (Enrique Morente)

Seven stars and an octave brighter than the others, illustrate this arcane in which the eternal water carrier pours rivers of life knowledge. A bird, symbol of the arcane language, sings in the illuminated night.

Hope is an eternal star will return to which the souls of the initiated, from it came the wisdom and the possibility of conscious life. This star throughout his career by the celestial vault, has announced the crucial moments for the history of spirituality and of civilization on Earth. She spoke Persian Magi, Greek philosophers, Egyptian priests, Mayan astronomers and Celtic Druids.

Its message is announcer of a better time, always renewed, through the arrival of a new era or a new cycle in the evolution of the human family.

They are the seven Pleiades with its Center in Alcion, or the seven stars of the cart and its referent in the Polar Star, have been guides for boaters of all time, allied in the periplus of the Pilgrim, protective calm nights and warning if it They darken.

The Polar Star, as the nearest star to the axis of the North Pole, is the visual Center of the other stars by the Earth's rotation and therefore symbolizes to Isis and other forms of Mother Divine, Star of the sea, guide in the darkness, fairy godmother protective and reassuring.

The Pleiades are part of a spiral orbit around the brightest, Alcion, of which it is part our Sun. We see them because we are part of this mini Galaxy within the great Galaxy of the milk Via. We can say that we are daughters and sons of the Pleiades.

The so brought age of Aquarius, the Arcanum of the star's announcer, will be at its peak in the year 2600 (depending on version). Their values are those of this arcane and are brewing since the last century: love to the planet and to nature, fraternity, dissemination of knowledge and ability to open ourselves to it, universality, intimate and personal spirituality, friendship between the feminine and the male, technology to make this planet sustainable and United...

The Star reports that we have never been alone, It gives guidelines not to get lost in the night of the transit, brings the water that still thirst for spiritual ignorance, made everyone a valuable and all living beings be a planetary family, and provides the ability to remedy the evils lurking in every age. In ours, toca generate a society new, aggressive, able to protect itself, the planet and all living beings and to develop a collective consciousness spiritual and not dogmatic.

Correspondence with the asanas

Parighasana or "Posture of mischievous" makes possible the development of sensitivity and increase breathing capacity, achieving an openness to new, an output of the individualistic ostracism, a capacity for empathy and Association for the challenges at the psychic level. Develops kneeling, stretching to the side first one leg and generating lateralization costal towards her. He is repeated on the other side. Together create a star shape.

Vakra Ardha Janu Chakrasana es la “Mitad de rueda de rodillas, en rotación”, con una pierna doblada delante y la otra con la rodilla apoyada detrás, se combina la extensión y la rotación, alcanzando el talón con el torso girado en sentido contrario. Postura elegante, que combina también el equilibrio y que dibuja en su singladura una constelación con el centro de traslación en el propio corazón.

In Ardha Bhujangasana, or "Half of the cobra", one leg moves and bends for the knee until it reaches beyond the tip of the foot, while the other extended back, or with the supported knee, generating a large groin and a total liberation of the pelvis and the coxo-femoral articulation. It is symbol of breakthrough, revolutionary by its scope, not by their aggressiveness, accompanied by the ability to agree and work together that advance transformer. Made with two legs, opening up the body from the vertical to the rear, it is symbol of the new human being. Says Manuel Morata of it: "State of total opening and reception of the cosmic energies".

Vashishtasana, “postura del sabio Vashishta, o postura lateral del plano inclinado, con una pierna y un brazo elevados”, combina el estiramiento, la fuerza y el equilibrio para dibujar una estrella que más vuela que permanece en el suelo, llenando al practicante de ánimo y capacidad de superación, que es el alimento de la esperanza. Porque “si hay alegría, hay esperanza”.

NOTA: Estudio y efectos de Parighasana, Ardha Bhujangasana, en páginas 87 y 117 de “Yoga. Teoría, práctica y metodología aplicada”, y de Vakra Ardha Janu Chakrasana y Vashishtasana en páginas 245 y 123 de “Yoga. Ampliación”, ambos de Manuel Morata.

Carmen old heir (Ahimsa)

Yoga teacher, a degree in information sciences and entitled by the Yoga Vedanta Academy (School of Sivananda) and by the Spanish Association of practitioners of Yoga (school Manuel Morata).


"Yoga and arcane: understanding and practice":

1st removal: from 24 to 30 July

2nd removal: 7-August 13

In "Casa de los Telares", value, Granada.


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