Arcane No. 15: Hamsasana, Devil

Master the power of the dragon is possible through the concept of life as purely unselfish and immaculate (direct manifestation of the divine), as well as knowledge as winged Messenger between the human and the divine. This dragon is the energy that allows human nature to have the spiritual experience, and your domain is the lesson of the arcane 15, the devil. EThis series of Yoga and Tarot scribe' Carmen Viejo.

Keyword: "Unselfishness"

"Then was born Jesus by the spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil". (San Mateo-4)

The great test of insider is the ability to recognize the unit and the sacredness in Earth as in heaven... Life is opened to everyone by hiding his divinity in the appearance of the ephemeral. And mind, blind to this divinity, stands as owner and dominating the world that unfolds before your eyes. It is not gold that glitters, but feeds the spirit who gives life as a mother to his creatures.

We need stones to fill our pockets and feed the stomachs, when what we need hambrientamente is goodness, serenity and beauty. We can alter, disrupt and snatch in the own name, when we are part of that which we want to own and so imperturbable need to live this and this. The human being believes to be the Lord and owner and only gets slave.

Religions are wrong the direction of his sentence to life itself, nature or matter, when it is sacred, it is the divine manifestation of the Cosmos. As a restrictive instead of purifying its vision preferred cover that reminds you of your own impurity, the patriarchal religions have condemned the motive of their desires and aversions, without condemning their desire and aversion.

It says the Bhagavad Gita: "Straight people who eat the remains of the sacrifice, is free from all sins; but sinners who cook for themselves, really eat sin". Selfishness is the difference between moral and amoral, as taught by Vivekananda.

And to overcome selfishness, the recipe is healing, purity and solidarity. Know it those who practice. The food of the soul is that which emanates from the soul, as the ideas of beauty, harmony and kindness, to which the initiate has dedicated his life to approach.

Correspondence with asanas

Master the power of the dragon is possible through the concept of life as Inmaculada (direct manifestation of the divine) and purely unselfish; as well as knowledge as winged Messenger between the human and the divine. This dragon is the energy that allows human nature to have the spiritual experience. An asana is a sword which leads that draconian force in a humble way, without the intention of possessing what not belongs, with the attitude of the student learning step by step, and without realizing, becomes one day by pure desire of service master. As happened to cricket, the sword's only power is accessible for the pure soul that dominated all selfishness.

Marjara karana or "karana of the cat" is an exercise in alternate bending of the spine, creating a fluid wave, which would take care of having the abdomen under control, as the domain of the passions, opened up the ridges, where resides the heart opening and extension , and do not block the neck but extend them by lengthening the neck and opening the shoulders. This exercise, well done, helps to dominate the selfish impulse; But if the abdominal retention is neglected and the cervical enlargement, would collapse the understanding (see indications book Manuel Morata at the end).

Shalabhasana, the "Grasshopper" is, a powerful asana which produces a detoxification of the body, cleansing the kidneys by stimulating the nervous system, increasing the body's resistance and sexual control. For all its benefits, can be practiced by phases: adopted the posture of home, first lift one leg and hold; then do it with the other; finish with the two. At this final stage, you can apply mula bandha consciously.

Hamsasana or 'The Swan' is a difficult position, especially for women, but that can be as approximation using a bracket to support the front and leaving his feet on the ground or rising only one leg at a time. This position, which keeps the body in the air, horizontal, forearms and hands, with arms attached to the thorax, induces a purifying blood cleaning, while it stimulates and detoxifies the bowels. It elevates energy powerfully, inducing to meditation. The Swan embodies the process that makes transmute to the ugly duckling, stuff, bird Messenger of the gods, through the purification of selfishness.

Note: Study and effects of Marjara Karana, Shalabhasana and Hamsasana, at 55, 123 and 205 pages of Yoga. Theory, practice and methodology, Manuel Morata.

Carmen old heir (Ahimsa). Yoga teacher, a degree in information sciences and entitled by the Yoga Vedanta Academy (School of Sivananda) and by the Spanish Association of practitioners of Yoga (school Manuel Morata).

"Yoga and arcane: understanding and practice":

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