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I propose a way to combine course of Yoga and the India trip in scenes evocative and full of mysticism and spirituality as the many offered by the India. 1 to August 15. Writes Silvia Jaén.

The journey that I drove in Group last summer had a wonderful start in Rishikesh, "the birthplace of yoga". There I made an intensive Yoga course for a week, an incredible on the banks of the Ganges site. The feeling of doing so in this place gives you another view and different perspective, since both the energy and the environment is friendly and very conducive to deepening of yoga and practice for both the own group coexistence.

Without a doubt, this was one of the most magical moments of the trip, especially by the opening of the group from the yoga feeling, that made the experience in those days was very authentic and we all feel very connected and United.

Makers of Boom Shankar travel (my friends Jose and Sita, with whom we have already travelled on numerous occasions to India) had taken care of all the details. For example, the choice of the place where we stayed and made the course in Rishikesh was great, along with all the travel and care during the same preparation. As always, everything was nearby, human, professional and creative.

A round experience

Once we finished the intensive Yoga in Rishikesh, which lasted eight days more, continue our journey and made cultural visits to different cities in the North of India as Dharamshala, Amritsar o Delhi. All completed a journey of 15 days round, full of emotions, experiences and intense experiences.

For me, other memories of the trip I moved to Dharamsala, where the Tibetan Government in exile. There, us closer to the Himalayas and visit some stunning waterfalls that gave way to a beautiful and cozy natural environment, leaving you breathless.

The tour around the monastery resides his Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama is a unique, simple and highly recommended place. We performed a meditative walk in silence in the course of which we passed with Tibetan monks and pilgrims praying with his bad hand and performing wheel of prayer around the enclosure. Spirituality is breathed by every corner and the Group was really integrated and excited. Even once inside the main temple we meditate together with a very large group of monks and nuns who were reciting a few beautiful mantras, thus enjoying the Mahayana Buddhism in its highest essence.

At the time I write, I realize that it is impossible to summarize the intensity of this trip in just a few lines, but I can not forget the visit we made to the place where Gandhi, the father of the India, was cremated in Delhi, or the crowded and emotional ceremony of the Ganga Aarati in the Holy City of Haridwar, where the entire group could participate in this sacred ceremony is performed daily as a thank you to mother Ganga, to the River Ganges.

A new trip + course from 1 to 15 of August 2017

East 2017, after the great reception that took the course last summer and the great personal experience that was for me, I repeat again with the same format and with the same philosophy but varying the route and places to visit. On this occasion, we have prepared a cultural and spiritual journey that includes "Yoga course in Rishikesh" during 6 days and in addition, sightseeing in the cities of Mumbai, Jodhpur, Ranakpur, and Delhi.

A unique opportunity to teach and practice yoga in the same household of this ancient science, while we captured their culture by participating in sacred rituals, visiting cities and important monuments, sacred sites and temples or lively markets to learn about the daily life of the people. A way of combining Yoga and travel in scenes evocative and full of mysticism and spirituality as the many offered by the India.

(In the following link, you can read a little about my) Travel & course of Yoga in India of the 1-15 of August)

Over the course of Yoga

The intensive Yoga course consists of 30 hours and will be held in the Holy City of Rishikesh, bathed by the Ganges River and at the foot of the Himalayas. In this way, it will help us to situate ourselves in the context and place where Yoga was developed.

Objective: Expand knowledge, evolve in the personal yoga practice and learn how to handle the different Yoga postures (asanas) according to each need.

Who is the travel and course? Practitioners of Yoga, all levels, who want to deepen and broaden their personal practice but also to all those people who wish to start or come to Yoga a custom, different shape and an incomparable as it is India.

I would also like to clarify that It is not a teacher training course fate of a yogic personal training course. And of course, at the end of it, you will receive a diploma and a certificate of attendance.

At the moment, still have some free places so from here we invite you to a you this adventure Yoga and traveling. (But remember that on May 20 we will close the Group).

Like to travel with me and practice Yoga in the India? Cheer up, you hope in the sacred land of the Ganges! Namaste...

More information and reservations: Boom Shankar travel 910 840 652 T / 620 916 039


Silvia Jaén He is Professor of Hatha Yoga with more than 15 years dedicated to the education and training of teachers and 20 years of personal practice. His passion for Yoga and desires of wanting to continue learning and deepening, came you to the Iyengar tradition certainly marked and influenced his way of practice, understanding and show Yoga.

It has had the opportunity to travel to different parts of the India on numerous occasions and participate in festivals, conferences and seminars in different countries, the latter on the island of Bali.

Today, gives private and group classes as well as courses and intensive both in Madrid and in other cities in Spain. He directs his own Yoga teachers training, participates as a teacher in different schools and centres and digital platform as a conscious Television and has published articles in various media related to Yoga and Personal development. Your personal website is

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