Spontaneous illuminations

On occasion I has been someone telling me that it was in samadhi or that had awakened the kundalini. And is that awakening, lighting or spontaneous satoris cases are more frequent than they might think, Amen of the cherished samadhis during arduous years of practice of yoga and meditation, whose achievement, so to speak, belongs to the office. Joaquín G. Weil writes. Photo: Felipe Rodriguez.

(c) Felipe Rodríguez, photographer and teacher of meditation

I am that kind of teachers that has the habit or tendency of service to students and indeed to anyone who crosses my days (though I'm looking at you), then try to give some clue of usefulness, within my humble understanding of these issues. Any time someone tells me such extraordinary experiences and asks me questions so convoluted that I have to clarify that, apart from being a philosopher by education and profession, I am a simple yoga teacher teach asanas and pranayamas and a touch of meditation...

I then remember that excellent yoga teacher I had. When someone said something similar: "has awakened me the kundalini, what should I do?", she - pitta or fire - asked: "And who you has awakened her?". When the consultant explained that he had been in a seminar or workshop of such or which master or mistress, she retorted: "well go and tell him to go to sleep again". And it was so wide.

For its part, the American contemporary meditation master Adyashanti He argues that lighting should not be conceived as an achievement for outstanding personalities or for meditators and seekers of elite, but must be understood as a process that many people can aspire. While, on the other hand, it prevents that enlightenment or awakening more than an acquisition or a 'success' you can be conceived as a loss or disaster: The end of your world, According to the title of his most famous book.

Documented phenomena

In some videos of Papa-JI, advaita master, a disciple of Ramana Maharshi and master of Mooji, You can attend some sudden illuminations of some of his followers, after a dialogue with the teacher. Ensues an expression of absolute surprise in them, as if contemplating the same, were now discovering a world completely different. Sometimes happens CRDS laughter, always the appreciation. Papa-JI accompanies them in turn by laughter. Seasoned perhaps with a pinch of what we call I amazement.

If even for the search engines veterans, a satori, a samadhi or enlightenment sometimes represents a true inner cataclysm which makes it difficult to deal, imagine what happens to people's life and current worries that, for any reason, they have a spiritual experience of unexpected intensity. We can call these cases: "Spontaneous illuminations". The psychologist William James He collected dozens of them in his book The varieties of religious experience.

The highlights or spontaneous spiritual Awakenings are a phenomenon documented from ancient and present in various cultures. Since the closest to Western culture, as horse paulica fall is road to Damascus, to the more distant, like this one from the eskimo shaman named Aua, which quotes Harner in his book The path of the shaman, recently it has become to publish the editorial Kairos.

I tried to become a shaman with the help of others, but I failed (...) I sought solitude and ended up by feeling a great melancholy. Suddenly I was crying and felt very sad without knowing why. Then, without apparent reason, everything changed suddenly and I felt a tremendous, indescribable joy, a joy that could not be me and had to break to sing a powerful song made of a single word: joy!, had to shout it to the lungs. And then, in that mysterious exaltation that enveloped me, I became a shaman, without knowing how it happened. But it was a shaman. I could see and hear differently. I had reached my lighting, light shamanic mental and physical, in such a way that I could not only see in the dark, but that that same light emanated from my body, invisible to humans, but could perceive all the spirits of the sky, the Earth and the sea , who came to mi and became my Adjutant spirits.

When is the heart reborn

Recently Andrés Espinosa He has reported his personal experience on the subject in his book The unstoppable reborn from the heart. I have had the honor of writing the foreword to this book and I've also maintained with Andrés different conversations, one of which, on his book, before the video camera, which we then uploaded to YouTube.

I met Andrew in a meditation centre. At that time he was in full pursuit. It was ajar with the gates of heaven, so to speak, and the Flash had pulled him unbridled horse of an existence, like so many, given to the acquisition of material possessions, status, earthly pleasures and honours; debating between the joy for some and regret at failing to get even more, or lose any of those already achieved. And that aversions and desires, as the Buddha, they are infinite.

It was a dealer of tobacco and real estate developer who left a cumbersome accident, in which his vehicle gave several turns in the air on a roundabout, physically unharmed but spiritually moved. Perhaps your experience was of the type that we call "near death". There is a kind of these experiences that, even if the person does not suffer physical damage the proximity of death, the extreme danger produces experiences similar to those that occur during the death prior to a maneuver of resuscitation with defibrillators, clinical or other means.

The interesting thing about the story of Andres is that initial experience spontaneous and not intended, as we have said, was the result of a hard search, but more a meeting or unexpected encounter, which launched him to a relentless inquiry explanatory of the happened: by different signs-meditation, yoga, shamanism, alternative psychotherapy (Gestalt, bioenergetics, etc.) and finally the academic study of psychology. Because of this, the book describing all the journey finally becomes also a scientific study of the phenomenon of the spontaneous illuminations.

Taking a closer look at our destination

Another unique aspect of this book The unstoppable reborn from the heart It is his description walking Street. It is not a professional text, of a "searcher" craft, or of a philosopher, teacher, wise or holy, but the vivid story of a person of ordinary life which is immersed, without having planned or envisaged, in an exciting spiritual adventure. So you can talk more than you to your reader or reader means, without particular cares of wisdom or holiness.

Nor is it a "spiritual novel" where a Finder or seeker tells us the development of his efforts to reach a final achievement. And however The unstoppable reborn from the heart It is written, but in a simple way, with a surprising literary intuition that makes the book a exciting reading.

Here earthly life and spiritual life are interlinked, the spiritual search is a search of normal happiness on this planet at the same time. Meditation and yoga are interwoven with group psychotherapy. Finally the result is reasonably positive, we are not going to talk about high serenity and enlightenment, but a human tranquillity, and the conviction by the protagonist of most authentic self and go closer to his true destiny.

Joaquín García Weil (photo: Vito Ruiz)Who is

Joaquín García Weil He graduated in philosophy, yoga teacher and Yoga room Málaga director. Practice Yoga for 20 years and teaches it since makes eleven. He is a student of Swami Rudradev (leading disciple of Iyengar), with whom he has learned in Yoga Study Center, Rishikesh, India. He has also studied with Dr. Vagish Sastri de Benarés, among other masters.

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