India, you are what you were and you will be what you are

Get deep into Hinduism is, how many times I have said, more than a religion, a way of life that goes beyond the temples of their gods and goddesses. Hinduism is breathing in every corner just observing the everyday activities of the people of India. Writes Mayte Aguado (Maheswari).

Krishna blew his conch; then Arjuna and the rest of friends, several of the Pandavas army divisions, had blown their shells respectively. The turbulent noise resounded through the Earth and sky, tearing the heart of your children. (Bhagavad-Gita1.15-19).

They say that when Brahma I was doing the world he felt the need for a woman to preserve the human race, and of his own body produced the first woman that was called Shatrupa and there was born deity with woman's body.

When we came to India we can see an infinite variety of cults to different gods. The question is: why of so many deities?, are they really necessary?

I put an example to understand this a little better: when Buddha It appeared, was a heretic for Hinduism, but to him many followers, the Hindu priests declared his, proclaiming that those who worshipped Buddha they did not belong to a new religion, since the enlightened was not but an incarnation of Vishnu. Actually the spirit of flexibility has always been a feature of Hinduism in its history; in fact in some Hindu temples can see the figure of Jesus.

In my humble opinion, I think that since time immemorial Hinduism is has enriched continuously, meaning that fights only is resulting in death, while, on the contrary, the development and adaptation Gets the progress. Why Hinduism still today attracts so many people around the world.

Noting the movement of its people, we can see how do Hinduism a way of life, marked by four major objectives: Dharma (correct behavior), Artha (material prosperity), Kama (physical pleasure) and Moksha (liberation from the cycle of reincarnation). And although we have an idea of the true hindu makes a total renunciation of material life in search of spirituality - and is true that there are a million people who leave their possessions to lead an ascetic life, must also know these goals of ordinary people to have a little more insight in our minds. By striking something incredible make us look to Westerners, is to see how all the Hindus live, respect, and love the same to Hinduism and its theory of Karma: "you are what you were and you will be what you are".

Millions of gods

They say the texts that in India there are more than 300 million gods and goddesses, but this is a quantity that exceeds human imagination and that hear, immediately seems incredible. To not let us get drunk by the figure, all must know that Hinduism understands of a just God, Brahman, and behind him are the three most important Trinities: Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. We also have the EPIC deitieswhich are the relationship of men and gods were made possible thanks to the epics of Indian literature, Ramayana and the Mahabharata. Then we have the gods of the Puranas, they are a process of absorption and combination of the popular deities, i.e. combining various deities into one.

Having said all that, I think that for the Western mesmerized by India, Hinduism and spirituality, after seeing several things and read, question that is the same that I make in my classes arises you: why do so many arms and hands have?, what does it mean? Broadly and so that it is understood, is very simple. In ancient times, various deities were combined, and each had different qualities. For each attribute there was an image, and all of those images were important to their worship. Imagine the visual impact in ancient times, the amount of images could be in a temple. The solution was to give the same image several arms whose hands could hold an object, to symbolize the various qualities of that deity in particular.

We can also see some empty handed. Then must look at the position of the fingers and the palms of the hands, as they will us indicate the nature of that deity. For example, if the fingers of the hand point upwards, it means protection (such as when the Pope blesses the people). And if we see fingers point toward the Earth, it is that God is charitable provision. These mudras or gestures symbolize their individual powers and differentiate them from other deities.

Now, when we go to a hindu Temple, you will see many beyond its figures. But remember that in India the campaign is played that remains suspended in the ceiling of the entry, as it is a sign of respect and devotion. That sound makes that noise from outside is outside, so that the sound of the Bell enters your inner mind and concentrate on this beautiful present, that you decided to spend.

With much love, Maheshwari.

Maheshwari (Mayte Aguado). Yoga teacher certified by the Sivananda school in Rudraprayag (India). Disciple of Fernando Diez. Collaborator of the Vicente Ferrer Foundation and Professor of yoga in Guadalajara.

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