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This section of astrolgia+yoga is the result of a new collaboration between an astrologer and a yoga teacher. What brings us this month? How can yoga help us to address their challenges and take advantage of their potential? Write Florbela Cristóvão and Montse Ramirez.

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March brings movement, new directions and projects. Collaborate from the intention to active with the powers available, you can make this period a key moment in the process of life to create and develop during much of the year.

Astrology is conceived as an integral part of the spirit life that underlies all the things, It is a language that reflects the qualities of life and attributed meaning to them. March to designate the end of winter and the beginning of the spring cycle at each Equinox, symbolizes all processes of transition between what is complete and what begins to germinate this way. This year, the two eclipses that we had during the month of February intensify and expand this need of Renaissance still during this period.

In the days around the next full moon day 12, the need to discriminate and discard old ways of feeling, thinking and acting will be more noticeable that they have become dysfunctional with the passage of time and that therefore already not help us. It will be a good time to consciousness and intention to create required vacuum so can germinate, with new special attention to the days between the Equinox on day 20 and up to 25, where Sun and Venus sets point to a new cycle of expansion of our consciousness through relationships and creative.

Retrograde Venus throughout the month - a planet retrograde period coincides with its closest to the Earth-Venus passage in this case, leaving the themes symbolizing in evidence. It will be their affairs that somehow they will capture our attention during the period of retrogradation. Venus talks about the need to revise the values on which we founded our relations. This for each one of us will acquire nuances and play in specific areas of our lives, and that's important to remember that the matrix of all our relationships is that we set ourselves. This is the relationship that is reflected in all and surely the most enduring of our life, a psychological fact that is closely related to aspects of auto-apreciacion and valuation, and which in turn is related to emotional or economic security issues. These are important topics of the month which will be under reflection and review.

The conjunction Venus will be the 25th Sun, is the seed of a new single cycle of creative consciousness that inspires to renew visions, to develop our creative forces and spiritual. Venus will be inviting us to (re) meeting with our autonomy and sense of direction based on a satisfaction more fulfilling of our essence.

From the second half of the month and until the end, stands out even the squaring of Jupiter and Pluto. This aspect will allow us to assume a bit more assertive, connect with a firm determination to continue our truth and a pronounced self motivation to pursue our goals with passion and intensity. Remember that this same energy can also be expressed his more somber manner, in the form of arrogance, arrogance or pride. In the last week of the month, Mars will help us connect with a power stabilizer and constructive within the cycle of change in which we find ourselves.

Proyectarte from the throat chakra

In this month of March, full of challenges and opportunities, the stars invite us to express our creativity. It is a propitious time to start new projects, ideas and initiatives, from the gifts we possess. At the energy level creativity is located in the throat chakra. Through him we express who we are, our truth, our needs and desires, and when we do so, it is blocked.

I propose a practice to connect with your creativity from Vishudha chakra:

  • Sit comfortably or lie in savasana and relaxes your body. Get some deep breaths with each exhalation loose your concerns.
  • It brings your attention to your throat and display it blue. Relaxed breathing and focus your energy and your feeling in that blue space of your throat.
  • From this awareness connects with your inner truth: who you really are, what things you fill, what your needs are deep, what would you like to do in the coming months to feel fully realized. Focus on these thoughts and feelings in the throat and leaves that they flow with the firm intention to materialize them very soon. Take the time needed to perform this exercise.
  • When you feel that it is time to conclude, make three deep breaths and sings three times the mantra OM. Then move your body gently, without haste, and slowly open your eyes and return to everyday life.

Information prepared by:

Florbela Cristóvão, transpersonal astrologer (charts, face-to-face and Skype, meetings and workshops queries)

Montse Ramirez, journalist, yoga teacher - Coordinator of Escola Yogavida

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