Interview with Arantxa Bermejo: "in Yogaespecial help to go over there of the limitations"

Bermejo Arantxa is the President of Yogaespecial, the Association that has become a benchmark for training, research and application of yoga for people with special needs.

Arantxa Bermejo, which works with people with functional diversity for twelve years, has told us how to improve the quality of life of students and families who internalize the practice of Yogaespecial. "Our goal is to connect with the total human being, and established once the link, remove all potential students, putting the accent on what Yes can be, not its limitations".

What does of special Yogaespecial? What is the spirit of this Association?
The relevant thing that has Yogaespecial is that it is an association that was created to provide social coverage, from the practice of yoga, to families with people with special needs dependents, as well as practitioners of yoga that are dedicated to this work.

Community, is the spirit of Yogaespecial We are creating a social network for professionals, associations and families to improve the quality of life of these groups and their reference persons. We pop up throughout the country to meet the largest possible number of families and also to professionally care for teachers working in this field; legalizing their work situation, advising on fiscal issues and by providing them with a legal structure that allows them to do their job in a professional and dignified manner.

How can you improve the quality of life of children and adults with brain damage? How do you work with them?
In cases of brain damage, Yogaespecial brings a greater thoracic opening to achieve a more complete breathing, achieving with this greater mobility of the gastroenteric diaphragmatic movement and greater balance and permeability of the central nervous system.

Brain damage works of inductive form; the teacher helps the student to perform movements, taking care of alignment, achieving thus establish those neural connections damaged between the brain and the body. It is a stimulation sensomotriz that generates brain activity that is opening new neuronal pathways.

It is very gratifying for us to see how students come out of their limitations and are going beyond the bodily experience, which makes them vivenciarse from their potential, rather than from limitations. This experience, feeling which can go beyond does having more control and sense of his own body, that changes to the relationship between your body and your mind, that change the self-perception and self-esteem and live from the paradigm I am more than a body.

And for people with autism spectrum disorder?
In the case of TEA, the important thing is the person to reconnect with your body and inhabit it, to be able to realize the limits between him/her and the world, as well as learn to modulate the time of permanence and care in a particular activity. It is very important in these cases to work center of gravity, foot contact with the ground, working with sound, it puts them and guides them in the here and the now.

General yoga helps them to be more present and interact better with the environment, since their level of stress decreases and they can hold best external changes.

With Down syndrome?
With Down syndrome, it is very important to work the breath, It is a population that suffers from many respiratory and digestive problems. Working breath we favour the opening of the chest cavity and was massaging the abdominal muscles by the movement of the diaphragm. It is very important to also provide movements that strengthen the abdomen and give force to the Centre of gravity, since sometimes find it hard to manage the effort and they are emotionally fragile.

It is important in these cases to share group, rotate the leadership and responsibility and teach them to put a name to what you feel both physically and emotionally. It is a town with which consciousness can work very well and this can change them much its self-perception and projection capabilities.

Individual or group classes?
Each person is a world and have to value it when working in group. In some cases there to work for a while so the student integrate the practice of yoga and its benefits, before becoming a part of a group.

The easiest to integrate are the cases of Down's syndrome, and ADHD; Autism spectrum disorder should create a progressive adaptation protocol or work with Assistant, and brain damage, sometimes it is necessary to work with an Assistant per person.

How Yogaespecial for people with depression, anxiety, hyperactivity, attention deficit, fibromyalgia?
Yoga brings balance to the central nervous system, mobilizes blood, massages the internal organs, oxygenates cells and brain, and most importantly, stimulates the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system. It provides peace and quiet from which changes are available to improve the quality of life.

The Yogaespecial Association have "sisters" in United States and the United Kingdom. What training have you received? And what has been the formation of the rest of the professionals that make up Yogaespecial?
I am personally formed with Sonia Sumar, in United States (2005), which is the mother method and also with one of its best-known European disciples, Jo Manuel, London, which is an Honorable mentor of our partnership and that all therapists Association have formed.

As a pioneering institution, we offer training courses for teachers of Yoga in special needs and functional diversity.

What are the ways of financing?
Partners, families, donations, grants quotas quotas... We want to go to foundations to finance us the projects that we have in place and to be able to reach the greatest possible number of families.

When the Foundation Yogaespecial?
It is still very early, but if things continue as well, with the reception that is taking and the volume of partners that we anticipate having, perhaps before what we imagine.

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