Being human, according to Swami Sivananda

A drop of water that splashes on a hot iron surface sizzle and evaporates immediately.
The person, likewise, makes a little noise during the short period we call life and disappears in an instant.
What is the Human Being, who are we? What do we become?

Body, mind and soul

Babies cry.

Children jump, dance and play with their toys.

Schoolchildren walk with their books.

Teenagers are decked out, they fight, they fight. We're trying to get name and fame. Then we treasure riches, father children, age, put on glasses and wear dentures. We staggered on a cane and eventually died sighing.

The human being, the person, is not merely a physical creature, provided with a mind and a soul. In Yoga the person is essentially a soul that expresses itself through the mind and has a body as an element of response to act on the physical plane.

The person is a soul with a body.

It is essentially a spiritual being.

Live because it is a spirit or soul in essence.

The deepest essence of the person is the Atman or the Divine Spirit.

The true nature of the person is divine.

The physical body and the intellect depend on the inner soul, about which we know little, almost nothing.

All people are equal by nature.

The Atman also dwells in all beings. People are equal by the nature of consciousness, but are separated by the nature of mind and life.

The electricity that passes through several bulbs is the same, although it is perceived in different places due to the millions of bulbs that it looks in.

Likewise, people are different because of the different types of minds and temperaments.

The person is a trinity composed of body, mind and soul.

Consciousness is veiled by mind and matter.

That's why he's not able to understand his divine nature.

Unless the person is freed from the slavery of mind and matter, he cannot possess the Knowledge of Being or Atman.

Somos inmortales

No somos este cuerpo, ni nuestros sentidos, ni siquiera mente.

Éstos son sus vehículos, upadhis.

El cuerpo y la mente están sometidos al cambio, la decadencia y la muerte, mientras que el Ser Inmortal o Atman vive siempre, nunca muere. No tiene nacimiento, es eterno.

Tienes un cuerpo, pero no eres el cuerpo.

Tienes una mente, pero no eres la mente.

El cuerpo y la mente son tus instrumentos,

como las herramientas de un carpintero.

Este cuerpo es un instrumento o sirviente del alma, y no su prisión.

La muerte no acaba con todo.

El agente que actúa, el alma que reside en el cuerpo, no puede morir con éste.

El alma es inmortal.

Del mismo modo que una persona se quita un abrigo, así también se desprende de su cuerpo físico al morir.

El cuerpo es la piel del alma.

Es el alma la que hace moverse al carruaje del cuerpo.

Cuando se destruye el cuerpo, el espíritu continúa viviendo.

Sigues teniendo entonces tus pensamientos, memoria, fuerza de voluntad y cuerpo sutil.

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