Satya, the deep relaxation of sincerity

Concédete el existir tal cual eres, en tu casa, en tu esterilla, en tu centro, en mitad de la única realidad posible del momento presente. Ya verás que bien y qué descanso. Escribe Joaquín G. Weil. Ilustración de Julia Arteaga.

There is a singular moment in relations, and when the person is shown to the other or the other that which is, or believes to be. You want to show a bleak or pedestrian side of his personality, and not enough with that. Also says: "it's me. Love me".

And there comes a santa or a Saint of infinite love and hugs the person not by the most beautiful and bright, not by the jams, ragweeds aspects and perfumes, but as it is. And the person, of course, is disarmed, melts. The Holy or the Saint loves the atman, your true essence.

If it cost you work remain even-handed attacks, more difficult it will be to remain fair to praise, it can cost you a couple of broken masks, a shattered ego, or a magic mirror shattered. Finally, you will have to surrender to the evidence, to the most logical and elementary. As in the zen tale, you will have to make prostration or bow to the thieves who deprive you of your prized possessions: good name, reputation or fame. Any praise that you say (or said) will be for you. All shall be as a whirlwind and a giant magnet, led direct to the atman.

Satya: the adequacy of the words to the facts (and the facts to the words!). If the true Yogi said that morning sun, do not hesitate: Sun will it be tomorrow. But now I think that the time to explain now is what is the miracle.

The miracle is natural; No one does. That is the secret, the Holy or the Saint. Everything is streaky. You do not descale the Holy or the Saint of the great Tao is where crimped, as a gem. And there in the Tao, in that river, that everything, in that God, is where happen continuously miracles, the portents, that do not you or I, the Holy or the Saint. No one can make them. They simply happen. That's all.

The same thing happens with the wisdom, is entangled, fused with reality itself. It is not anyone's. No ego can seize it.

Calm is the truth

What rest, what deep relaxation be yourself, show one way she is, but not in solitude, but to the others. Accept and be accepted, just as we accept, as we relax before things such which are, to the reality as it is, before the other or the other, the other such which are. What tranquility and what calm.

That's satya (also), the relaxation of being yourself or yourself in your most pristine and profound essence. Show yourself as you are, in other words, the best of you. What you actually are. The atman that have always been and will be you.

It is not a transformation to reach to develop physically, mentally and spiritually at last to become that great-yoga-man or that woman-super-yoga you ever wanted to be, but to become, after all, yourself, or your own. You actually are.

So do you a Trikona, a medium descuajaringado Parivrita Parsvakonasana, because maybe last night, with all these things in your head, don't you slept well; or because of the irregular lunch that day have somewhat swollen gut. Do not want to be a copy of a photo in a book, or a You Tube video. Allow yourself to be as you are now, in your House, in your mat, in your heart, in the middle of the only reality of the present moment in the here. Afford the mistake of falling for Vriksasana, because fall is born balance, when you get up for the second or third time with a bit of grace; just like the error born wisdom and skill. Losing the account once more in the pranayama. You will see that good and what rest.

As said poet Eliot, see how your mind is distracted from distraction by distraction, and embrace the entire process, simply looking at it, that is meditation. Not feel the duty of being the best or the best to feel the right to be loved, to be loved by one day.

Yoga is the process of transformation that leads you to be who you really are.

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Joaquín García Weil He graduated in philosophy, yoga teacher and Yoga room Málaga director. Practice Yoga for 20 years and teaches it since makes eleven. He is a student of Swami Rudradev (leading disciple of Iyengar), with whom he has learned in Yoga Study Center, Rishikesh, India. He has also studied with Dr. Vagish Sastri de Benarés, among other masters.

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