Naad, yoga. The Yoga of sound, the art of communication

Naad, Yoga is a path to the realization of the essential vibration which is the source of all, using this energy as sound, in all its variety, to achieve the health of body, mind and soul. The profesor Surinder Singh, Master of Naad, Yoga and founder of Raj Academy London Conservatoire, will give a concert at the circle of fine arts of Madrid on Friday, September 16. Type Sampuran Kaur.

Surinder Singh

Yoga means 'capacity', although it is also translated as "union", and once the soul has felt that unity of the self, universe and creator, has found its true nature and resonates with her. When the soul has been agreed of his full truth in this way, this resonance gently reminds the mind how to be happy, which in turn releases the body's ability to be healthy.

The sound is only a way to facilitate this yoga or union with truth, but it is very powerful, it is essential to the human experience. When we are born and when we die, the ear is the first sense to appear and the last to disappear.

Yoga Naad It involves listening and be sensitive to subtle changes in the sound affect the emotions and the physical body, and then use them to provide the influence necessary to restore balance to the health.

In the physical body, we have two cerebral hemispheres: left brain, which deals with the logic, and the more creative right brain. Between these two areas is established a communication that is not based on language but on emotions. Naad Yoga entered the analysis and knowledge of certain emotional firms taking in India by the name of sruti, "what is heard". When those emotional firms that are part of internal communication are expressed and manifest through sound, whether vocal or instrumental, can be used to fix and repair our psyche, which is that this technique has the ability to restore communication between the two brain hemispheres.
Any disease comes from the lack of communication between the two brain hemispheres. Restore balance in this communication is the key to Naad Yoga.

Our school follows a highly developed form of Naad Yoga created by Nanak Dev Ji (the first Guru Sikh). It encompasses the old Indian raags (ragas) system, which evokes a different emotional state with each raag. 'Raag' means 'State of mind', and each raag employs a certain combination of notes and rules emphasis to evoke a particular State of mind in the listener.

The Sacred Scripture Siri Guru Granth Sahib contains 60 raags, prescribed individually for each poem, mantra or shabad that compose it. This Alliance of the words and the music allows the listener to absorb a deeper message, beyond intellectual understanding, that guides the mind through the maze of States of mind toward the positive awareness of the soul. Through singing or listening to the shabds into their corresponding raags, each mood is captured in a positive context, and can be worked or released. The soul is connected to the power source of truth and love, and its sound carries the mind there also. And the Union occurs.

The Professor Surinder Singh, Master of Naad, Yoga and founder of Raj Academy London Conservatoire, will give a concert at the circle of fine arts of Madrid on Friday, September 16.

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Sampuran Kaur, Member of the team of professors Raj Academy and President of the Naad Yoga Council in Spain.

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