The principle of 'The yoga of sexuality'

Change the paradigm of the sexual encounter, freeing us from the mind and by immersing us in a magical, shared space, is possible. We can transform sex into a path of emotional release and spiritual development. Writes Paul Rego.

Yoga sexuality

The trauma and difficulties in the world of the intimacy of couples begin in ignorance of the space without limits to the well used sexual energy We can provide to transform sex into a path of emotional release and spiritual development, away from toxic thoughts and competition of egos.

Yoga is as broad as the universe. Due to its nature energy and union and integration without limits, as well as be described its source as an endless spring that gives us everything we are able to accept, its extension and integration also are endless.

But without going so far, can also say that Yoga going through all aspects of human life, naturally and without limitations. One of the important aspects of the human is sexuality, aspect this encompassing much beyond a carnal act of physical contact used to relieve mental tension.

The Yoga practitioner intends to connect with the subtle aspects of being, pay attention to your breathing, to the sensations. Try and you should try to, transcend the mind to connect with the source of pure consciousness. Raises the physical exercises to a conscious state, so the relationship of the practitioner of Yoga with his physical body begins to become more pure and sacred.

Sexuality happens exactly same. It is clear that if we are too connected to the mental world, with thousands of thoughts per minute, insensitive to our body, feelings and projecting all the time our existence to another place or time, hardly we can focus on what Yoga offers us. Then, why not have the same attitude with respect to sexuality, encounters or sex, to their practice as something pure and sacred?

The wellness Guide

One thing is the satisfaction that follows the wish fulfilled and other welfare. Our mind knows our pleasures and creates desires we follow almost unconsciously (if not completely unconscious) feeding his supremacy over the rest of our being.

When we practice Yoga and meditation, we know that we need to find ways to carry the mind to a place of serenity and calm. What is achieved, after practice, is a State of energy and emotional amplitude, creating a more stable and long-lasting welfare state.

This same principle applies to sexuality. If at the time of relate in this area, each one according to his own reality and choice, reduce the number of thoughts and pay attention to our body, breathing and merge us with another in that State to let energy flow, we will be able transcend the mind and desires residing therein for connecting us with a shared welfare state.

This welfare State is not achieved speculating, calculating, projecting into the future, or bringing things of the past to shared reality. Rather all this, very common in relationships, prevent entering this State, the mind is the place of residence of the ego which only want to satisfy their own desires.

It is important to be able to access this state of shared well-being, that is why include the physical satisfaction individual and ephemeral provide fully, put aside the limiting thoughts of the mind, to connect with the sensitivity of the physical body.

It is also important to change the rules of behavior along other roads, such as give and seek the welfare of others before their own. This form creates a creative dynamic that has everything to do with the release of what is really important: the sexual energy.

Sexual energy

It is the source that creates life and is an energy that can badly use volatile, wasting it in the fleeting pleasure of a superficial and purely carnal relationship. This energy is so powerful that you can create the life, and if we use it properly, can be the We open the doors of welfare and the shared spiritual world.

This energy is very powerful and sacred. So it is powerful that many meditators monks from the East use it to raise its energy capacity and spiritual. The ancients knew this secret and long before the new cultures forge, the use of this energy as something sacred that raises, was taken as something natural and much profit by human beings.

If we use this energy in a conscious way and let it flow, ensuring the well-being of the other, if both members of the meeting adopted this attitude, instead of creating a competition "to see who has more", we will achieve a flow of positive energy to give that you illuminate the shared space.

If that flows is positive, if not out of mind but of the heart, we can create a creative synergy that will flow the sexual energy in a natural way, creating unbeatable conditions so that bodies are and take place which otherwise would be impossible.

The applied principles of Yoga sexuality bring the benefits of yoga for the body or the mind to a practitioner. Similarly, a couple who applies these principles in an intimate encounter will live an experience that can be framed more in an act of shared spiritual development, time and prolonged positive consequences, that the simple fact of being with someone for 15 minutes (in the best of cases) of pleasure.

Paul Rego. Yoga teacher. Masajista-Terapeuta holistic. Diploma in medicine Ayurveda of India.

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