Infusions and teas to relieve cold

The hot drinks have effects fast and very powerful. Leaves, flowers and roots provide a delicious flavor and have health benefits, so take infusions greatly improves the process of cure colds and flu.

You infusion

Ginger, prepared in infusion is a very powerful immune booster for cough, colds, flu and sore throat.

Preparation: Put a couple of slices of fresh ginger in a Cup, add boiling water and a slice of lemon. Let stand a few minutes.

Chamomile, a natural remedy that is super to cure the symptoms of the flu. Among its properties are the anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and analgesic, mitigates colds and headaches in general.

Preparation: Heat the water until it reaches almost to the point of boiling. Plugs into a teapot or Cup, let it stand for five minutes and then serve.

Green tea. It destroys pathogenic bacteria in the body, so it accelerates the recovery. A mixture of green tea with honey and lemon, soften throat, will strengthen your immunity, and will make you warm.

Preparation: One teaspoon per cup if it is in sheet. The water should be heated unless it comes to a boil. Add and leave.

Cinnamon. In the preparation of the infusion is used the bark of this aromatic plant to relieve cold and some of their most common symptoms, such as fever and the runny nose.

Preparation: Place cinnamon in boiling water branch. Let infuse 10 minutes before brewing it.

Mint. The Peppermint can help combat the cold symptoms and even treat chronic cough. To obtain their benefits you can drink tea, but it is also advisable to make vaporization of its aroma.

Preparation: Heat water until I about to boil, add 5 leaves of mint, cover it and dejal stand for 3 minutes.

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