Would you like to be right or be happy?

The only requirement to practice yoga is the curiosity to self-knowledge, the desire to be better. On the occasions that the lack of time and responsibilities of life put him us difficult, we can find many mental ideas to fill us with reason and thus continue to do what we do, how we do it... Writes Chandra Maya Ten Querol.


… Or we can connect our strength of will with our consciousness, to illuminate our real priorities and set real goals to meet them. I can't help but smile remembering the printed message on that girl t-shirt: "Would like to be right or be happy?".

Develop concentration or conscious attention and direct it to will is our greater psychological defense, a refuge where intuition and understanding can be fine-tuned in connection with oneself towards the universal source, where the correspondences between the micro and the macro universe acquire meaning; that's where hides the true knowledge.

The path of yoga begins where each one is. The first and most basic step (Yama) is the care of the social ethics; the second (Niyama) refers to personal purification in a comprehensive manner; and, only the third step of the eight that make up is based on postures (Asana) psychophysical, affecting very beneficially in all systems of the organism.

The Hatha Yoga It focuses on this step and the following, control and expansion of breathing (Pranayama), as a basis for the physical and mental purification, find the energy balance that facilitates concentration and self-awareness. Or put another way, the previous state that enables the realization of the latest steps: (Pratyahara), the liberation of the mind of the control of the senses to the outside, (Dharana) concentration in a single direction at will, meditation (Dhyana) and (Samadhi) liberation or transcendence.

Breathing is something so automatic sometimes it costs us understand its value until we need, but it is the main source of youth, beauty and health.

Chandra Maya ten Querol. Integral yoga. Facebook Chandramaya


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