Message of the new year, by Swami Sivananda

The Escuela de Yoga Sivananda Madrid us does get this message of year new of Swami Sivanda, by first time translated to the Castilian and that share with all the readers of Yoga in network.

What new is again old and it old is converts in new another time.
Today is the most auspicious days.
It has given you another chance this year so you can fight for your release.

Today we are.
Morning not.
take advantage of this golden opportunity,
fight hard
and it reaches the goal of life.

Take advantage of to the maximum every moment of this new year

Displays the totality of your faculties dormant.
Have the opportunity of beginning a life again, to grow and evolve and convert you in a great person or a great Yogi.
On this day, you can make the decision to clean the old worldly Vasanas and trends that support them to control the senses and the mind.

You know the value of time

Usefully use every second.
Live every moment of your life for the realization of your ideal and of your target.
Do not talk in the morning,
tomorrow never comes.
Now or never.

A glorious and bright future is waiting

He leaves the idle gossip.
It annihilates selfishness, laziness and inertia.
You forget the past.
A future glorious and brilliant you are waiting for.

Knowledge, altruism, control of the senses, unity and humility

Equanimity is the cornerstone of knowledge.
The altruism is the stone of touch of her virtue.
Brahmacharya or control of the senses, is the stone angle of the ethics.
The unit is the stone angle of the realization personal.
The humility is the stone of touch of the devotion.

He lives

Lives in her generosity, in the humility, in the equanimity and in the cleaning.
Develops vision egalitarian.
In tune with the infinite.

Water your seed

Satyam (truth) is the seed.
Ahimsa, non-violence, is the root.
Meditation is the refreshing rain.
Shanti (peace) is the flower.
Moksha (salvation) is the result.
Therefore, cultivates the truth, practice ahimsa and meditates.
It develops peace.
Can achieve the emancipation end and the freedom of the wheel of births and deaths and enjoy of the happiness eternal.

Worth the fight

I know a spiritual Warrior of truth.
Wearing the armor of discernment.
Use the shield of the dispassion.
Hold the flag of the Dharma.
Sings the song of Soham or Sivoham.
March boldly with the music of the Om, Om, Om, the Pranava Supreme.
Blows the conch of the courage.
Annihilate to your enemies:
the doubt,
the ignorance,
and selfishness
and enter the Kingdom unlimited and joyful of THE SUPREME Brahman.
Get the enduring richness of the Atma.
Taste the divine immortal essence.
Drink the nectar of immortality.

This bright new year
and all the days of this year
and all future years you complete success, peace, prosperity and happiness.
That all the people walk by the trail of the truth and of the justice.
To enjoy of it the eternal of the absolute,
leading a life divine,
singing the name of the divine,
sharing what you have with others,
serving those who need you with absolute devotion so that soon your minds are founded on a silent meditation in the Supreme being.

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