Loneliness is something inherent to the human being, because through it we come to the world and on she abandoned him. Therein we interact with ourselves, that often reject it completely. Writes Raul Santos Caballero.


The loneliness that is not desired can be overwhelming and absorb completely the subject who suffers from it. It is not loneliness itself which may displease, but the feeling that produces it. Immersed in it there is no escape or to entertain, therefore emerge all the sensations of according, to be imposed against the person and completely eliminating the ability to enjoy herself.

By not having an inner calm and a balanced mood, we lose the opportunity to interact with solitude, since, as we have said, it will be hampered by impediments that spring from the deepest of ourselves and sabotearán all intention to settle in it. Loneliness causes see us face to face, excluding outdoor showcase.

If we amigamos with it we can see the other side of the coin, as it is in this dimension where are born all the creative potential, where inspiration is its access channel and where to find the door to the inner silence.

The poet, Mystic, painter... all they let themselves embrace loneliness then feel refreshed, stuffed, made... In it are the source from which everything flows and the dimension in which to express themselves.

The loneliness always is there, sometimes overlap events from the outside, but at the time in which dissipate once again wrap and hoarding.

Loneliness as evasion

Sometimes, front loneliness occurs the opposite, i.e. instead of rejection or disgust, a deep attachmentas in it we find a higher than the purely renovator refuge. What can be a space for one, becomes an impenetrable armor or a refuge where to isolate us. Then loneliness serves of escape before the facts from the outside, wanting them to exclude and cause through its own wear, extinguish.

The inclination to the constant loneliness is the result of fears, evasion and lack of availability to deal with events that are occurring on the outdoor stage. The person becomes more and more addicted to this shelter, believing that it is safe from negative events, when in reality there is nothing sure and everything remains your fluctuating dynamics. The person immersed in that bubble, despite having mental deficiencies, has learned to become familiar with them and lost the opportunity, through this loneliness, provide the means to remedy them, identified with their mental automatisms loses the intuition of life improvement.

The loneliness fades then as valid instrument for the introspection conscious and fades into the psychic sleepwalking. The person becomes your routine in a black and white photo, mutilates its possibilities of relationship, weakens the growth that is derived from the interaction of relating to others, and their freedom becomes a shackle stringing it, because what started feeling as owner of his release, ends up being the same dam. In the stagnation has lost the ability to fluently, it remains repostando instead of continuing their journey; It has fallen into the fabric which has previously woven.

Solitude should be one section of our existential configuration. We must serve as ¨a high in the camino¨, reorganize our inner world and our psyche. It is a sign of emotional health not turn you away from loneliness, but know to give you your weight specific. It will get to test everything what go presenting: tedio, boredom, anxiety, rage, repetitive thoughts... And then, using techniques of internalization as yoga or meditation, purify these States for cool them as far as possible. Is a great autoconocimento to see what reactions occur while immersed in the solitude, then open all the gates that, by means of entertainment and daily chores, we held closed.

She reveals the existential angst, the vacuum that at some point we have all felt. Thanks to her we chequearemos our emotional shortcomings for, constructively, give them a spin and bring into line them. We will see our x-ray, we will see what comes out of ourselves that, until now covered by the noise from outside, we were not able to listen.

Loneliness will feel fullness once we put hands to work in working our interior; completeness, once developed. In it you will find the mirror reflecting us faithfully.

It will be our faithful confidant, will seek us spiritual renewal and a space to, well, spread the wings of wisdom.

Raul Santos Caballero is a writer (his last book) Sandals of the search engine) and author of the blog In search of self.

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