Light of Scripture / who is a wise man? -Māṇḍūkya Kārikā I.29

Only someone so wise and nothing else, although it venere you the entire universe. Translation and commentary by David Rodrigo (Āchārya Jijnāsu), traditional teacher of Advaita Vedānta. To read the previous parts:

Mandkya Karika

We have already published Māṇḍūkya Upaniṣhad. This is the last verse of Āgama Prakaraṇa, the first chapter of Māṇḍūkya-Kārikā, comment in verse of Gauḍapāda, Master Śhaṅkarāchārya master.

Māṇḍūkya-Kārikā I.29

AMATROHANANTAMATRASHC Dvaitasyopashamah śivaḥ |

Onkaro vidito yen Munirnetaro janaḥ | |

Amātro ' Nantamātraśca dvaitasyopaśamaḥ śivaḥ |

Oṅkāro vidito yena sa Munirnetaro janaḥ | |

"He who knows OM no sounds and with infinite sounds, the cessation of the duality, happiness, is a wise man and nothing else."

Sage is only one who has realized as his own happen where there is no movement whatsoever (physical and subtle appearances), neither external nor internal, even potentially, and the reality of infinite movements (beings, objects, perceptions, emotions, actions, experiences) as one and the same reality without differentiation (only one, without second, without the other or parts), so it experiences happiness, infinite, eternal, free, since this is its very nature (his own being, reality). He is only a wise because he carried out the nature of the Supreme reality (Śhaṅkarāchārya). Anyone else, by expert that is any knowledge, including that of the Sacred Scriptures (Śhaṅkarāchārya), or by very good-natured and even Holy that is or although venere you the entire universe.

The knowledge of the Scriptures, which reveals itself directly in the disciple tradition, is often essential to enlighten yourself the truth and practice that you must follow to make it directly and completely, definitively. Now, if you don't have the clarity that guides your practice as the summer sun of noon (no confusion or doubt) or if, even having that clarity indirectly to having heard of the master, not practices it completely, i.e. not you dissolve your wrong idea and aggressive yourself (´yo I'm the experimenter and the actor of the duality of the world, of my life - be individualized-´) consciousness always pure, free from darkness and pain, untouchable, only one, who sees your finally and even their absence (in deep sleep or) sleep without dreams or in deep meditation, conscious absorption) and the mentes-corazones of all beings, are miserable ignorant that misses the wonderful treasure that is human life, since you have not understood the meaning of life: the realization of your true to be, is not more than the truth, eternal and unchangeable consciousness, fullness, freedom, that is what suggest you the sacred syllable OM and the Scriptures.

Here Gauḍapāda concludes Āgama Prakaraṇa, the first chapter of Māṇḍūkya-Kārikā, his commentary on verse to Māṇḍūkya Upaniṣhad.

David Rodrigo (Āchārya Jijnāsu). Light of Scripture - Advaita Vedānta traditional school. Training "Scriptures of Advaita Vedānta and Yoga Sāṅkhya - knowledge and traditional practice"


Writings of Advaita Vedānta and Yoga Sāṅkhya - knowledge and traditional practice

Study, practice and experience of the complete original writings from the oral tradition: Sāṅkhya-Kārikā, Yoga Sutras and Bhagavad Guītā, Viveka Chūḍāmaṇi, Upaniṣhads and Brahma sutras

Mokṣha Śhāstra - science of liberation

Established in the fullness of one's self that is the truth, pure consciousness, who sees your Finally, his absence and the mentes-corazones of all beings

-In Madrid: Yoga Shala Alcobendas


-In Barcelona: Ashtanga Yoga Barcelona


In Valencia: Gobinde Yoga

Also blended and distance

Presentation of David Rodrigo (Āchārya Jijnāsu)

David RodrigoIs delivered completely to the realization of his true be and of the truth since in 2008 is was to Rishikesh, Himalaya, India and gave with his master, Dravidāchārya Rāmakṛiṣṇan Swāmījī (Shastra Nethralaya Ashram, tradition Advaita Vedānta of Śhaṅkarāchārya).

During six intense years of self-transformation studied, contemplated, applied and experienced with the master, in a relationship personal and daily, the wisdom experiential and releasing of the large writings complete and original of them schools classic of spirituality and philosophy in India (ṣhaḍ-darśhana) and Sanskrit:

-Advaita Vedānta

-Prasthāna Trayī ´Triple Canon´ with the comment of Śhaṅkarāchārya: Bhagavad Guītā, main Upaniṣhads and Brahma sutras. The latter with Bhāmatī, Vāchaspati Miśhra subcomentario.

-Advaita Siddhi, Madhusūdana Sarasvatī, part of the Bṛhat Prasthāna Trayī ´Gran Triple Canon´.

-Prakaraṇa granthas (text side) as Viveka Chūḍāmaṇi, of Śhaṅkarāchārya; Panchadaśhī, Vidyāraṇya Muni; Vedanta Paribhāsā, from Dharmarāja Adhvarīndra; Siddhānta-leśha-saṅgraha, of Appayya Dīkṣhita; Dakṣhiṇāmūrti-stotra ´Himno to Dakṣhiṇāmūrti´; Pancīkaraṇa; Tattva-boddha; or Ātma-jñāna-upadeśha-vidhi.

-Yoga sutras of Patanjali with commentary of Vyāsa, etc.

-Sāṅkhya Īśhvara Kṛṣhṇa-Kārikā.

-The rest of the classical schools (astika darśhana): Artha-saṅgraha (Pūrva Mīmāṁsā); Tarka-saṅgraha (Nyāya-Vaiśheṣhika).

-Grammar of the Sanskrit (vyākaraṇa): Laghu-siddhānta-kaumudī of Varadarāja (simplification of the Aṣhṭādhyāyi of Pāṇini).

He was also initiated in techniques of meditation and consciousness in the tradition of the meditation Yoga in the Himalayas with is Veda Bhāratī (Swami Rama Sadhaka grass Ashram, Rishikesh).

Swami Rama Sadhaka grass Ashram, Rishikesh began to transmit knowledge, practice and experience of Scripture and meditation; and coordinated Dhyāna Gurukulam, the traditional school of the ashram.

In 2014 the life brought you back to Spain, making available directly - without raiment or conversions to what are not - the knowledge, practice and experience of these writings of universal wisdom coming from and you lead to samādhi - the realization of the absolute fullness of your own being (consciousness pure, forever free, happiness, non-duality, omnipresent, Supreme reality)-, here and now.

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