Amma's visit to Spain 2015

6, 7 and 8 October in Granollers (Barcelona) If you wonder how the embrace Amma or information on volunteering, here are the answers...

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Love is my religion (Amma)

Darshan (hug) means to see or experience the presence of a spiritual teacher. Amma is accessible to anyone who wants their embrace. In order to maintain order, a system of tickets of the day has been established...

All persons who wish to receive the hug, even infants, must have a ticket. Tickets are beginning to be distributed one hour before the start of the program. They are free and are given individually, as people come to the Pavilion. The number of tickets is limited and therefore should go early.

Persons with special needs receive priority treatment. He asked for information to the entry.

It is not allowed to make photographs or recordings of audio or video without the express permission of the organizers.

The social work of Amma

Embracing the World is an international collective founded by Amma, nonprofit and dedicated to do charity work. Using ETW is relieved the burden of the poor, helping to meet five basic needs: food, housing, education, health and means of development.

With any purchase or consumption you make in the program, from the food to the gift items, you help these people. All partners of the program are volunteers and the benefits are entirely for social work.

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Programme of activities

Tuesday 06/10
9:45 h. Door opening and distribution of numbers (tickets) for darshan
11 p.m. arrival of Amma and meditation
11:30 start of the darshan (Hugs) and musical performances, until 23 h.

Wednesday 07/10
8:45 h. Door opening and distribution of numbers (tickets) for darshan
10 p.m. arrival of Amma and meditation
10:30 start of the darshan (Hugs) and musical performances until 16 h.
18 h. distribution of numbers for darshan
19:30 arrival of Amma and spiritual talk
20:00 Bhajans (devotional songs)
22 h. Home of darshan and musical performances until 3:30 o'clock. approximately.

Thursday 08/10
In the morning, on Wednesday like
17:45 h. distribution of numbers for darshan and entrance of the Pavilion
19:00 h. Ceremony for world peace (Atma Puja)
21 p.m. start of the darshan of Devi Bhava and musical performances until the morning of the next day.

Assistance to the program as well as the embrace of Amma are free free admission activities.


  • Table of information at the entrance of the Pavilion
  • Guardaropia
  • Children's playground
  • Manual therapy and chiropractic adjustments
  • Consultations of Vedic astrology and medicine Ayurvedic
  • Infirmary for medical emergencies

All the services that we offer are made by volunteers. If you want to contribute you can go to

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